That’s Life! Procrastination Leads To Failure

Someone said, “Adulthood is like looking both ways before you cross the street and then getting hit by an airplane.” I laughed to myself when I read this quote. It’s a fact. As adults we think we have everything under control and out of no where there’s a plot twist that interrupts our plans and spiral them out of control. That’s life!

  • There are many twist and turns in life.
  • Life comes with a lot of surprises
  • There are many bends in the road
  • We live in a world full of distractions
  • We are toss to and fro and seldom get to our destination without a good fight

Welcome to Adulting at it’s finest —That’s life! So if anyone is waiting for the roller coaster to stop to get to their destination …it ain’t going to happen and you will be waiting until you’re on your final leg of life before you realize that no one was coming to help you get into the pool of success.

To be an adult you’ve got to go to bed when you don’t want to and wake up when you don’t want to. No one is coming over to your house to get you up and run with you to pay your bills. That’s life!

Sometimes we think we’ve got it all figured out…and BOOM … we are right back at the starting line or worse yet, we boarded the wrong flight. If you have lived long enough you will know that there are many unplanned moments in life …and adulting is one.

When we were young adults, life looked like all fun and games, but when we became legal adults … life got scary. Here we are looking for an adult, only to be awakened to the fact that we are the adult.

As mothers when our kids took long, long naps …we were proud and happy, but when we are adulting, long, long naps are not cool as they lead to poverty. Nap times are over …we are now the full time providers of our own lives and those that we proudly carried in our tummy for nine months. That’s Life my friends.

When we are adulting, we put away childish behavior and handle life’s twist and turns as grownups. Procrastination is not your friend … it’s like watching the wind and staring at the clouds. Get on with life…. the truth is we are the sole providers and no one is coming to do the work for us.

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