Are You Kidding Me?

Jesus had some serious personalities to work with while He was on earth. He had

  • fishermen
  • two brothers James and John known as ‘sons of thunder’ very interesting
  • Thomas known as ‘Doubting Thomas”
  • tax collector
  • Judas who is always last to be mentioned and he was most famous for betraying Jesus.

Now, what do I have to complain about in comparison to Jesus’ inner circle of friends? Oops…NOTHING.

Sometimes our ‘special friends’ wear masquerade masks that makes it very difficult to detect the fake from the real ones. Remain Calm: They can be found in every circle of friends and family… so don’t lose your peace and stop eating at the table with them.

I’m 100% convinced that Jesus knew all the personalities of His disciples …those with and without masks … and here’s the ‘mic drop’ moment … He personally handpicked each one of them. Oh what a Man! He taught us how to live with ‘special’ people when He chose His disciples.

Here’s how I rule my world — Wake up at the break of dawn and ask God to surprise me with sufficient love for those who require a little extra grace… the sons of thunder, the doubters, the fishermen, the tax collector, and the betrayer. Personally, they all have forced me to step up my game in life. I’m thankful for everyone of them.

We all could do with a heavy doze of sufficient love every hour on the hour, or take as needed. The kind of love that cures every attack of hatred, bitterness, or the feeling for revenge. Side effects – may leave you feeling like an Olympic Champion who runs through a troop and leaps over a wall.

God can make up for the bad times with some good times because we have seen enough bad times to last us a lifetime. God can reveal to us our inner strengths in order to stay focus on who we are in Christ.

Don’t waste another minute on negative energy. Jesus knew the personalities of the men He had chosen to do life with Him long before their masquerade masks fell off in the public. He uttered not a word but love them all the same.

Address all our ‘special friends’ issues with God, and increase doses of prescribed (PRAYER) love as needed. May our personal friend Jesus Christ develop maturity in each of us so that we get along well with each other and do not lose heart living with our ‘special friends’.

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