The Environment

The surroundings we live in and the people we react with makes us who we are today. We quickly adapt to our environment and the longer we stay in it, is the more clueless we become of how our character is being formed …either positively or negatively.

There was a good man who had a beautiful wife. They both went to a foreign land because their country was experiencing a famine. They both knew that she was stunningly beautiful….and there was a big risk that he might be murdered if the reigning king fell in love with his wife.

So he plotted with his wife that if anyone asks, they will say that she’s his sister, and favor will come to him.

Sure enough everyone thought his wife was stunningly beautiful and the king did fall in love with her and took her to live in the palace.

As for the husband, he is getting along well as his wife vanishes under disguise as his sister and favorable gifts are flooding into his life.

The environment of moving from a country of lack to a foreign country with an abundance of resources created a plot to change their status from being a married couple to being the brother of a stunningly beautiful woman who caught the King’s adoration.

Your environment can create unrealistic fears that drives you to compromise in order to survive.

Our environment influences our behavior and choices. It’s unfortunate when our legacy, goals, and purpose are ruined because of the environment we find ourselves in.

Our environment can make good girls into bad girls. Bad guys into good guys. Sinners into saints. Priests into sinners. Kings into paupers. Good husbands into cheaters. Wives into queens. Pain into pulpits. Stress into rest. Happy kids into sad kids. Weddings into funerals. Enemies into friends. Prisoners into presidents. Presidents into prisoners ..etc

You’ve got to be picky in choosing your environment as you are picky with your meals.

Why? Because it takes a forever long time to rebuild your character, trust, integrity and your reputation. Life rarely gives you a second chance without putting up a good fight.

It’s easy to detect one’s environment just by watching their lifestyle. Your actions speak so loud that no one is listening anymore.

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