Snap Out Of It!

We waste so many years hating our jobs, our neighbors, friends, family members….our physical features, our weight, where we live, who we married, etc because competition is the root of all our unhappiness.

As there are many makes and models of vehicles….humans too come with many makes and models. To want to be like someone else is like a car thinking, “Today, I no longer want to be a car, I want to be an airplane because I can go faster and visit more exciting places.”

Is it time for us as women to snap out of the pressure of secretly competing with each other and withholding love … and begin to hug each other a little more?

I heard a woman said once ….”For a woman to compliment another woman is like using a toothpick to remove a tooth from a rhinoceros.” It’s never going to happen. It’s totally impossible. That is how difficult it is for some women to compliment another woman.

The truth is, when you hold back on expressing love to others … pride steps in and breeds criticism. Pride makes you see the faults in others while you turn a blind eye to yourself.

Always leave people feeling better about themselves because you never know what that person is dealing with at that particular moment.

You can never lose by lighting someone else’s candle. Our stories are different…so everyone can leave a little sparkle wherever we go and still have enough sparkle left to brighten our own corner.

Our story and lifestyles must represent who we are without the urge to compete. Don’t stop until you straighten someone else’s crown. When you are loved the right way, loving others becomes easy.

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