The Promise

Whether we watch the news, read the papers or listen to each other’s problems … the wickedness and evil that surrounds us has created fear and instability in our hearts. All over the world people are scared and angry. There’s a blaming game as to who’s at fault … be it a family member who didn’t do what they were supposed to do, or the government who is failing to govern, or ourselves who have failed in one way or the other.

Families are being pulled apart by the evils of our society. Businesses are crumbling under the strains of the poor economy. Hospitals are struggling to cope with the demand of people requiring urgent medical care. Schools are in disarray as caseworkers struggle with the rising delinquencies. Marriages are facing divorce or separations. And the chaos goes on and on.

Is there anyone who has a positive report? The doom and gloom reports have made our hearts lose faith in God and believe that we have no help. Would we be the generation that will die in hopelessness or would we be the generation that will come back with a good report believing that God can help us to prosper in all areas during the difficult times?

Many times in our own personal lives we feel surrounded by evil. We sometimes feel that the evil is stronger than the good. We feel like grasshoppers in the face of the evil in our society. We feel convinced that there’s nothing we could do. We murmur and grumble to God and call that praying.

Here’s the good report: We can believe God in spite of all we may see, hear or believe. We will NOT be the generation that dies without seeing the promises of God fulfilled. The children God has given to us – are ours even if they run far away from us…they will come back to God. Our home will be a place of rest for all those who are weary. The material blessings we possess will bring hope to the hopeless. God has promised us victory, so victory belongs to us, and the generations after us. We simply have to hold on to our faith and walk in obedience to God.

God will never lead us where His grace cannot keep us and His power cannot protect us. Yes, He SEES the mess. Yes, He is the silent LISTENER to EVERY conversation. Yes, He is the UNSEEN guest at every meal. And He STILL promises us that He will make a way out of nowhere.

Without FAITH … it’s IMPOSSIBLE to please God. We will NOT allow the chaos and confusion to distract us from believing God that can turn things around.

We will walk in peace and confuse those who assumed that we will die in the desert. God is The Restorer of everything that has come to destroy us. His love surrounds those who have faith in Him.

We will not walk based on what we see or hear. Keep all negative reports far from your hearing. It produces fear and unbelief. We have read the Bible and we will NOT panic every time the Devil flips the scripts.

We believe what God has said. And we will see those promises come to pass. The MESS is simply our MESSAGE. GET ON WITH LIFE and give it your ALL.

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