Feed Your Focus

Distracted is when you are unable to concentrate because you are preoccupied by something worrying or unpleasant. No one can accomplish anything if you become distracted by every buzzing mosquito.

When you are working on an assignment – your phone can become a distraction…invitations to lunch and dinner can be distractions…chatter can be a distraction…sleeping in late can be a distraction. You must stay focus regardless of what’s going on around you. It’s very possible to lose focus from time to time…but not coming back to your task is a dream killer.

Could it be true that we try too hard to please others, take on too many responsibilities, and fight too many battles that have absolutely nothing to do with our goal at hand?

Sometimes we are diligently working on an assignment and a phone call interrupts our day and a friend says to us, ‘Come and meet us’. Will we be comfortable to say, “I’m doing a great work and I can’t come.” Why do we feel obligated to accept every invitation at the cost of our dream. We can’t accomplish much if we let small unproductive things distract our attention repeatedly.
Nothing in life just happens. Whatever you invest in …. you will reap the harvest and the harvest will eventually bring the right people into your life. If we allow distractions…we will lose focus on what’s really important. It’s no fun walking around in circles…you will eventually quit, and quitters never win.

There have been times while driving I’ve missed my exit either because I was preoccupied by a thought, music or someone distracted me. In either scenario I have to take full responsibility for missing my exit … sometimes I have to drive three more kilometers before the next exit that will take me back to the exit ramp of my comfort zone.

When we want to reach our goal, the struggle to get to it depends on our determination to push past those things that so easily diverts our attention. Determination is when you decide to do something and you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you from doing it. I must confess, it takes a lot of courage, will power and determination to stay focus, or to own up and take responsibility to get back to a task after having many good reasons why it wasn’t done. The choice is ours.

Our runway in life gets shortened each and every day…then the days turn to months and the months turn to years….and before you know it, we missed our season for success. One day we were 25 years, then before long we are 40…then 55…then 65 years…time waits on no one to get their act together.

To feel a sense of accomplishment, we must remain motivated and disciplined at all times. We fall seven times but we get back up the eight time. We were born to win but winning doesn’t come without a challenge. Overcoming makes winning SWEET. 2019 goals are still worth fighting for….push back on every excuse to quit.


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