Time Is Unforgiving

The older we get is the more aware we should become of the value of TIME. Life teaches us to make good use of time, but for some people they wake up late in life only to find out that they missed the windows of opportunities to do the things they always wanted to do.

I want to believe that we all hold things in our hearts that we wished we had time to do all over again. It’s perfectly okay to be sad about missed opportunities … it reminds us that we are human. But time is unforgiving, it waits on no one. We are what we repeatedly do. Winning can become a habit. Failure can become a habit. Just keep repeating whatever you are doing and the results will speak for itself.

There’s a perfect time for all of us to do anything in life … and if we miss the timing, the opportunity is gone forever. There’s no getting around it. Have you ever rushed over to the grocery store only to find out you missed the opening hours by one minute? The guard looks at you and says, “Come back tomorrow.”

Time doesn’t stand still … and life is uncertain … nothing is guaranteed. I’ve seen folks who waited until their final hours to make it right with their loved ones. Time is unforgiving…we cannot get time back. When we adopt the mindset that we are adults…then we become entitled to doing whatever pleases us. And as CS Lewis says, “Evil comes from the abuse of free will.” I can only hope …we all will live a life that we can be proud of since time is unforgiving.

Have you ever took a glance in the mirror, walk away, and two minutes later have no idea what you look like? It’s unfortunate that we can look at our choices…see that they are not the smartest ones…stop and even think about it …. but choose to walk away believing we have time.

How unfortunate it is to be aware of how awful some of our choices are, and do nothing about it. Will tonight be too late?

I’ve attended funerals of people who thought they had years ahead to change their lifestyle and to do the right thing. Regrettably, they either had an untimely death or had a brain injury that prevented them from making the lifestyle changes that they needed to. Time is unforgiving.

Should we start thinking NOW about our ending? Should we keep on living carelessly because God keep on showing us more and more kindness and forgiveness? The Bible says, “Of course NOT!”

Time is unforgiving. A relationship with God keeps our hearts and minds in perfect peace…and that peace cannot be hidden…it is seen by all human.

Don’t wait until you are at the point of death or facing uncertainties to pursue God and the people who matters the most in your lives. It may just be too late by one minute.

Time is unforgiving.

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