God Will Favor YOU In Spite of ….

Anyone who has experienced success knows it was hard work that made them successful. We were created to work and work involves mental or physical effort to bring about a favorable end. Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen and some people wonder what happened.

Anyone can come up with an excuse why they have not achieved their dreams … “I have no one to help me get there”; “Every time I step out, others come in front of me”; “No one called me back”; “I’m going to do it, watch me” …excuses, excuses, excuses. Excuses somehow takes away the guilt and defends the ‘whys’ the work was not done.

Maybe we weren’t all created with an equal amount of gifts and talents …but comparison leads to excuses, fail attempts, and limits our potentials. It takes the same amount of hard work to have one win as it takes another person to have two wins or more. It’s unproductive to sit by and watch others experience success while we make laps giving excuses. Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen and some people wonder what happened.

Everyone has the same 24 hours a day … your celebrity crush… your role model…your enemies. The secret is, those who made it to the top kept going until they got it right. When they got it right …. they charge us exorbitant rates either to see them perform or to hire them to do the work on our behalf. Sadly, we empty our bank accounts for those who worked hard to succeed. While men slept, they toil and labor through the night.

Learning curves are difficult and it takes much effort like climbing a steep hill. It’s difficult but with much effort we will eventually get there. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

God promises to favor us in spite of the naysayers, the accusers, the onlookers, and the obstacles. God knows our mistakes, he knows our faults, He knows us inside out, and He’s remains faithful to holding us together to the end. When God favors us… we can be calm like a sleeping baby, even if all hell breaks loose. We can continue to stand firm in faith trusting God. I personally would have fainted repeatedly if I didn’t prove this to be true.

If we make ourselves at home with God and His promises are at home in us, we can be sure that whatever we ask for… God will listen and act on it. God will fight for us and we will keep our mouths shut.

I had to find my own place in the jungle and create my own dream world. I pushed past what were my perceived limitations… and like a self-made boomerang …my life began evolving and I found my piece of the pie. I learned how to clap for myself and was proud of my ability to bounce back time after time in spite of road blocks and barriers. It felt good once my outer shell cracked and I saw the diamond that was hidden in me.

It was worth every hurt, heartache, and pain. No price is too great when you challenge yourself to elevate, and to push pass the distractions. I had to know that no one was coming to open the door for me.

God will match our effort and put us in places where others don’t think we are qualified to be. Allow God permission to interrupt your life. Many of our delays in life are due to having a ‘tunnel vision’ where we only see our own point of view. To move up to the next level, we must get past who is against us, who is for us, who is in the middle because they don’t want to pick a side.

Life is way too short to sit down and wait for someone to open the door for you. Get up! Fight the feeling! Forgive yourself for the missed opportunities and never stop believing that God still holds your prized promise.

2 thoughts on “God Will Favor YOU In Spite of ….

  1. Love being able to witness firsthand “can’t” becoming “can”. Thank you for sharing your journey to inspire others. Blessings! 💕 👭 💞 💖

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