Know The Season

Everything about life has a reason and a season. We are in Spring (March 20 was the first day), but it looks like the weather (May 1) didn’t get the memo. A couple weeks ago there was snow on the ground. Then there were warmer days when people were outside in short-sleeved shirts. Like everything else in life … if we don’t like the weather today … chances are … we will like it tomorrow.

When we are in a bad season, we can feel like seasons never change. We may feel like it doesn’t make sense praying anymore because things are getting worse by the minute … but we must encourage ourselves that life does come in seasons, and sometimes seasons overlap … and like everything else …. we will enjoy the nicer days ahead … so don’t lose heart.

Sometimes things go wrong so we can appreciate when they do go right. There are times when we don’t know the value of something until someone else has it. But, the real struggle is, getting stuck in either a good season or a bad season.

I’m totally convinced that our most difficult season – the ones we hate, the ones we cry and throw a tantrum about, the ones that make us want to quit, the ones that keeps us up all night long, the season that lingers on and on … are the ones that make the most intriguing story when the season changes.

Personally, my best stories were written in the seasons that kept me up in the midnight hour …that was when it was God and I alone. I cried, screamed and even threw a pity party all by myself … but there was that little rock of HOPE buried in my soul that made me trust the process because I understood that if I remain brave and courageous in the most difficult season … the next season I will be unstoppable.

It’s not that I did not have my doubts and fears but I encourage myself that every season has a reason and a purpose. As long as we are alive, seasons will never end. Just as the earth experiences Spring, then Summer, then Fall, and finally Winter … my life and your life has its seasons.

Just because we don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean that God isn’t working. Sometimes God gives us a word/promise … and we have to wait from season to season…year after year.

It doesn’t mean that God isn’t coming through because God never wastes a season. What we do when we don’t understand our season is critical to what we will receive when the season changes.

How we handle our seasons will determine our loyalty to God. God didn’t put out the fire for Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego … He put JESUS in the fire with them.

As parents, spouses, family members… we have lots of seasons … but Jesus remains the 4th Man in the fire. We have come too far to jump out now.

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