Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Ma, Mom, Mama, Mother,

Thank you for the nine months you carry the weight of your children. Thank you for being selfless and fearless in the face of difficulty and sometimes misfortune.

Your countless acts of kindness were never greeted with applause, but you were the true hero of the day by saving them from a fall.

You fought with them, shouted with them, hugged and kissed them, but most of all your love for them remained without a fault or limits.

Congratulations to all your graduates that you taught from birth to adulthood without a manual or the use of the internet. Finding answers to countless questions was no easy accomplishment, but your courage and skill saved the day.

You were many times the chef on call as their friends arrived unannounced just around mealtimes. Your home continues to be the castle to many who are looking for a ray of sunshine.

Mothers, you are the world’s greatest sleep walkers as you go from sleeping in your bed to walking babies across the fall. No nurse can kiss a broken heart like you, or catch a handful of food from an achy stomach.

May you continue to be on top of the game as you take advantage to get things done before everyone wakes up.

Thank you for putting your children’s needs before yours so they wouldn’t have to miss their school’s events. For the tears you shed without them even noticing your pain. Indeed, you are a hero without a cape.

The world today is a far better place because of you. You are a powerful role model and you should be proud of the investment you have made in each of them.

I just wanted to take today to say THANK YOU and to let you know that you are appreciated and You’ve got this!

Happy Mother’s Day 2019!

4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Junie, my tablet is not working and the site is not letting me leave a comment from my phone. This is a wonderful blog and I also want to celebrate you, not just as a wonderful Mom, sister and grandma, but all the people along the way that you have mothered, including David and me. Thank you! Blessings! Love, Always,

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