Just Do It

For those who have tasted success it has been reported ‘it was worth the fight.’ I would love to believe that most of us have been inspired by the stories of those who have successfully made it to the top. The clothes we wear, the items we pick up from the grocery store; the bed we sleep in; the car we drive; the TV shows we watch; the paved road we drive on; the company or clients we work for; the cell phone we purchased ….are all proof that somebody believed in themselves and made it to the top.

Without a doubt some people may have taken a direct flight (born in a family with rich inheritance) and arrived at their win without much effort. While others may have taken a bus that made frequent stops (worked hard with many failures) and arrived at their wins. And there are some who may have had a prison break (came out of a difficult life where they were the first to arrive at the winning post). But whatever means it took to get to their wins it was worth the sacrifice because we are now their customers.

Life is too short (70 years or more is a lifespan as per Psalms 90 … nobody knows) to wake up everyday with no wins. Quitters never win, and Winners never quit.

To have a win we must be ready to push past the fear of losing. I’ve found that once you invite fear to share a meal with you, the conversation never gets interrupted by success. Fear is our worst house guest, it never leaves. Fear tells you everything you cannot do and gives you reasons why you can’t get anything done. Fear handcuffs you to the opinions of others and lay traps of failures in your pathway. Fear is jealous of success and keeps you as lifelong friend.

Excuses and blame are the keys to the house of shame. They have taken many hostages to the grave never fulfilling their God-given potential.

The slogan ‘Just Do It’ is the easiest way to get a win. Don’t despise small beginnings, at least you are on the road. The disappointments and failures make a solid foundation, they make you toughen up for the win. The thorns eventually turn into crowns. The bruises turn into fuel for your soul. The pain turns into gain, and it will all be worth it.

When we were little, we could have cried about life’s discomfort, but we are adults, and adults do life without expecting to be carried. You either grow up or die without leaving your footprints. So, wake up … work the script … and push until something happens.

The only way to get from the bottom to the top of the mountain is to climb one step at a time. Your ‘tribe/clan/ride or die people’ will give you the signs if you are on a winning team. The person who keeps on going despite feeling physically and emotionally drains – wins.

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