Stop The Runaway Train of Thoughts

I do most of my writings either after 10 pm at nights or 3 am in the early mornings … seldom during the day. Why? I most likely will not be interrupted. If I’m interrupted … I lose my train of thoughts and it becomes a challenge for me to get back on track.

Without distractions I find myself hidden far away in a cloud of ever flowing thoughts and my life takes on a whole new meaning. I am really at my best when I am alone. Some people hate being alone … I enjoy being alone when I’ve got some thoughts to pen.

But what happens if my day had many unexpected interruptions and my night brain is not fully charged and ready to write at 10 pm or 3 am? I lose my focus, anxiety takes over and sleep attacks me like a bulldozer. If I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life … my love for writing become tedious.

Whatever you do …. one thing is common to all of us …when the going gets tough and the situation becomes difficult, we must toughen up, work harder, work smarter, and stay focus on what needs to be done to meet the deadline, or goal, or dream. If we refuse to play by the rules of life … we will burn out and quit. I believe that we were given this life because we are much stronger than we think.

I used to pray and ask God for an easier life, but now I thank Him for all that I’ve been through, and all that I may go through in the days/months/years ahead.

Why? I am loving the person I am becoming. I do not keep diaries nor hold on to painful memories … I strive to have a laser-like focus when I’m working on ME. I look for what needs improving in ME and I go for it. I look for MY good traits and I fight harder to become better than I am today. If you knew me yesterday … I would love for you to know ME today.

It’s a complete waste of a prayer and time to pray for an easy life. Nothing good comes easy and anything worth having is worth fighting for. Someone said, “You’ll will never know your strength until you have faced your struggles.” We must find the courage to face our struggles and the wisdom to let go of those things we cannot change.

The struggles, challenges, and obstacles makes the win sweeter to celebrate. The person whose prayers are being answered before yours may have been just been praying for a victory dance … while you have been praying for the making of a new generation.

Don’t get interrupted with your train of thoughts … instead train your thoughts to give you a feeling of confidence and personal power.

Don’t be afraid! Have faith! Learn the lessons! Trust the journey!

3 thoughts on “Stop The Runaway Train of Thoughts

  1. Blessed to be a recipient of the lessons you learn in the good and bad times. Praying with and for you for daily strength and grace. 👭💝

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    1. The Bible says, we should be the one who stands firm to the end. The lessons we all learn in the good and bad times makes us who we are today.

      We pray for people everywhere for daily strength and grace.

      Together is always better. Thanks my Sis 👊🏾


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