Get Out of the Cave

Being vulnerable is risky business. You get comfortable in what you assume is a safe place. You give yourself permission to let your guard down. You spill your heart out, and suddenly the memories sneak out of your eyes and rolls down your cheeks. It pains. The hurt is deep. And it sends you cowering into a cave never wanting to see daylight again.

It’s not an easy task trying to manage your emotions and every unimaginable thing that could possibly deplete your energy. You call that ‘A BAD DAY, NOT A BAD LIFE.’ Sometimes we get stuck between wanting to give up and choosing to hold on just a little more. Those are the days we just want to run and hide in a cave because our love tank is running on empty.

Then you hear a loud voice asking “What are you doing in the cave?” It’s the kind of question that stumps you and slows down your response as you frantically look around to see where the voice is coming from.. Very thoughtfully you mutter, ‘Well, I’m hurt. It’s exhausting. I can’t do this anymore, so I’m hiding out until I find the will to go on.” Then sure enough the voice responds,”Not so fast my friend. Let’s talk this over.”

So let’s us talk this over:

  • However disappointing you may feel about life, know that as parents feel for their own children, God feels for all those who fear Him. He knows us inside and out, and He knows we are likely to be hurt, attacked or criticized. He keeps that in mind, and He remembers that we are human.
  • God’s throne is in Heaven and He rules over us all. His angels stand waiting to give full attention to our prayers. That’s the only duty your angel has over you – to keep watch over you lest you dash your foot against a stone.
  • Let’s pull ourselves together. Get out of the cave. Stand tall.
  • Somebody will need to learn the lessons we have learned in our cave experiences. God has equipped us with everything we need to survive while we are alive on earth. Trust the process.
  • The war was not setup for us to fight, it was setup for us to be still and know our God

AHA MOMENT: If we focus on the pain, there will always be somebody to blame for our pain. Pain is like handcuffs … once they are on … there’s no escaping until you agree that enough is enough. The Bible says that God causes us to forget all our troubles and hardship and all the sorrow of our past.

Our life will be brighter than noonday, and we will become confident because there is hope. We will lie down in safety and no one will frighten us…and many will want our favor. God will cause us to be fruitful and very successful in the place of our suffering. Those who hurt us in the past will no longer recognize us … because a joyful person looks different from a broken person.

Indecisiveness is NOT our greatest companion. It keeps our company for as long as WE agree with it. When you decide to walk out of the cave …. don’t look back. A decisive mind is a tough mind … and a tough mind requires determination.

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