Don’t Hand in your Resignation

I am totally convinced that God allows situations to come into our lives because He knows we are capable of handling EVERY storm, EVERY hurt, EVERY disappointment. Our names are attached to it … it was not a mistake or a mistaken identity.

I’ve never heard of a toddler having to worry about mortgage payments, or a physically impaired person parking a car. Both would be incapable of handling their assignments.

God has given us everything we need to succeed and to handle the load we are carrying. We were built to withstand the adversities, even if we sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Don’t you dare give up. Not today. Not tomorrow. Not ever. Be addicted to becoming a better YOU every single day. God would not have given it to you if He thought you couldn’t carry the weight of it.

When I survive a curve ball or a direct attack, I gave all the credit to God for holding me together because I knew I would have caved in and handed in my resignation letter… BUT FOR GOD’S FAITHFULNESS.

Does it mean that I didn’t fail or messed up at times, or I didn’t get a low grade when my difficulties came….of course I did. There are countless well kept records of my failing grades publicly displayed for all to see. But God always provided a way of escape from the misery of failing …so that I may be able to endure the aftermath – and remain standing.

To expect God to do everything while we do nothing about our failing grades is totally unacceptable and absurd. We must own our mistakes and learn from them. Don’t give yourself a reason to resign from your postion because of failure. Your brain is in motion and it is recording every thought that you have of yourself. You are NOT a failure because of your mistakes.

Motherhood is one of the most difficult tests to get a passing grade especially if you don’t have a cheering team. Adulting is another challenging course as it tests your resiliency. Both of these courses are too important to walk away from.

If you are still working on your assignments – Don’t quit. Keep pushing yourself…it will get easier.

“Anyone who meets a testing challenge head-on and manages to stick it out is mighty fortunate.” John 1:12 MSG

You can cry it out on the floor with your mascara streaming down your face, but when you get back up on your feet make sure you are still in the race.

Our most vulnerable moments brings us to our next miracle. Don’t you dare give up! Don’t you dare rehearse the pain if you want to win.

God will never allow us to stumble, fall or fail in areas where His grace cannot restore us. He remains faithful and will always provide a way out and through the storm.

He is The Original Storm Whisperer. Make a pledge to cheer for yourself each and every day. We are all a work in progress. No one has taken the crown of Perfection yet…so keep going…the race is still on.

It’s a chapter in life that gets read often. There will be times when you will weep until you are exhausted .. but you got to strengthen yourself with a big dose of ‘I will Trust in God’, and say to yourself THIS TOO WILL PASS!”

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