Dream ON

We’ve heard many times not to share your dreams with everyone because your dreams may die if they are shared with the wrong people.

Sounds reasonably logical as some people may be envious or intimidated by your dreams. While others may pretend to be great cheerleaders, but in their hearts there are deep roots of jealousy.

But what if you have shared your dreams with the wrong people? Do you really believe that that ONE person or even FIVE persons have so much power and influence to kill your dreams?

The world may have dream killers as there are all kinds of people that make up the world …but I’ve found more ‘spooky’ and ‘creepy’ people who trust more in evil than in good.

I believe that every dream will come to pass if you have the time to put in the work. Dreams don’t blossom overnight. Dreams are little seeds of hope that are placed into the incubators of your heart and you nourish it with words of encouragement and self motivation.

Dreams prevents barrenness. Dreams give birth to life.

When Joseph was just a teenager, he had a dream that his brothers would bow down to him. They hated him when he told them the dream. He then had another dream showing his father and mother bowing down to him. His brothers were so angry they wanted to kill him, but sold him instead.

Joseph’s dreams stayed in the incubator of his heart from 17 years of age to 30 years when he became second in command in Potiphar’s house. Folks can try to kill your spirit, but they can’t kill your dreams. Your dreams are your lifeline.

When David was a young boy looking after his father’s sheep….God chose him to be the next king of Israel. It was not until he was almost 30 years when he was anointed king over Israel. David had many battles to fight and many giants to kill before he sat on the throne.

Dreams only die when your incubator is unplugged. When there’s no power to bring it to birth, the baby dream dies. When you allow the naysayers. the skeptics, the opinions of others, the fake cheerleaders, those spooky, and creepy characters… to distract you from your purpose, then you lose the desire to dream on.

“God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?” Numbers 23:19

If your dream is God-inspired … all of hell and its angels cannot stop it. Someday, long after the sun sets on you, long after the banners come down, and the crowds stop cheering, may it be said that you kept going and you are happy that you did not give up.

A different spirit makes you stand alone and keeps you working on your dream. We don’t live for ourselves, we do it for the next generation. We teach them that you can’t stop the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.

The only ways people can kill your dreams are…if you quit, give in, surrender or stop dreaming.

If God has given you a dream, be prepared to wait for it to come to pass. There’s great potential inside of you waiting to come out, but it will take stick-to-itiveness to see it through to completion.

DREAM ON!!! People need the LORD at the end of their broken dreams. Your dream is still alive.

God will not bring you to the ocean and turn around and allow you to drown in a bathtub. You were born to do something…so, just do something that you can be proud of.

It’s time to work on a WIN! DREAM ON! YOU’VE GOT WHAT IT TAKES!

4 thoughts on “Dream ON

  1. Thank GOD for the privilege to have a front row seat to the fulfillment of your GOD-given dreams. HE who began a good work in you, will be faithful to complete it in you. Blessings! 💕 👭 💞 💖

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