Our Mind Can Be Our Worst Enemy

Impatience and Despondency are our worst enemies … not family issues, the mortgage payments, bills, the neighbor, your parent, your employer … the real bad guys are called Impatience and Despondency.

Impatience is the feeling of being annoyed by someone’s mistakes or because you have to wait. It’s when we want something to happen NOW.

Despondency is being unhappy and with no hope and a feeling of discouragement.

If we had all the world’s problems (heartaches, sicknesses, death of a loved one, rebellious children, fake friends, poverty, joblessness, and bankruptcy) BUT there was only ONE WAY out and that was walking on Highway Patience and Hope, I want to believe that we would become courageous along the way to accept or tolerate the delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Sometimes, God gives us opportunities to come to a deeper level of trust in Him, but impatience and despondency show up in the midst of the storms blinding our views of seeing and expecting to see God’s mighty acts. It’s hard to trust God in the dark times…but any other option is to live every day with a spirit of discouragement.

There have been countless times when I knew that I had to trust God’s plan, but I struggled to believe God could help in the midst of what looked like total chaos and great impossibility and long delays … and my impatience and despondency forced me into sleepless night and horrible nightmares.

If you’ve ever doubted that you can trust God, take heart. You are not alone. It may have been years since you have been waiting, be confident, God hasn’t forgotten about you IF you have been talking to Him. Our impatience and despondency force us into sleepless nights and great negativity.

God never leaves us … we leave God because we are an impatient tribe of the human race. When you cannot understand God’s purpose and it looks like God is not doing anything to rescue us … be still and trust the process. Do not be tempted to lean on your own understanding of the problem.

God wants us to know Him and to trust Him with the plan. It may look impossible, but the worst it looks is the greater the victory. God comes out looking GOOD in the chaos. When God acts on our behalf then we will know that if it wasn’t for the shaking, we would not be ready for what God is making out of us.

Destiny comes out of the difficult things we are forced to endure. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the LORD delivers them out of it all. Everything we’ve been through is preparing us for greater things and destiny is about to be revealed.

To the faithful, God shows Himself faithful. When God seems silent let go of needing to know why. The expected end will make believers out of the doubters. It’s not like God didn’t promise that ALL things will WORK IN OUR FAVOR …it is that we did not listen to Him because of we became impatient and despondent.


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