When Enough is Enough

When is enough, enough?

Happiness is living a peaceful life, minding your own business, enjoying all that life has to offer, leaving a good legacy, conquering your Mama’s mistakes and failures, overcoming your Papa’s demons, moving out of the neighborhood of resentment, leaving your old friends Pretense and Pride, stepping into a new beginning and knowing when enough is enough.

It can be tough to see things for what they are when we’re emotionally involved and invested, but when you know that enough is enough … you are ready to move on. The meaning of enough is as much as is necessary; as much as or more than is wanted. Enough is enough means you are ready to upgrade your emotional status and your investments.

Have you ever heard yourself saying any of the following things to yourself or to others —-‘Stop, you have made enough of a mess already! That’s too many excuses! I’ve had enough of this! I’ve seen and heard enough! That’s enough, you will hurt yourself! I am concerned that you are not doing enough to help yourself. Enough is enough, I’m not arguing with you anymore.’

It’s a sad place to be if you have ever been on that side of the fence. But there comes a time when warning others of their choices and they just don’t seem to get it … leaves you with no other option than to say, ‘Enough is Enough’. If they are not getting ‘it’ … then hopefully the consequences will make a better teacher than you.

I am a firm believer that God gives us second, third, ten and thousands of chances. I believe that God is bigger than our missed targets….but, I am also convinced that God will NOT always strive with man. When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were expelled from the Garden of Eden and sent to work the ground, and an angel with a flaming sword was put to guard the tree of Life.

I want to think that this is one of the scariest consequences of disobedience and rebellion ….when you have to struggle to make ends meet because your resources have been dried up.

Resisting wise counsel and correction leads to severe consequences that unfortunately can travel through generations. We are still suffering the consequences of Adam and Eve. God and human rebellion is a painful thing to watch.

Hardheartedness is stubbornness and rebellion left unattended.

It leads to a slow painful death. All God wants is for us to let go and surrender our bad choices and rebellious ways because the payment is high and the suffering is great. After all, He knows what’s best for us because He sees the end, and we cannot.

God never forces His ways on anyone… He has given to each one of us – a free will to choose, but He never gives us an option on our consequences.

The choices we make today, will affect our generations to follow. I would rather have God’s approval than man’s approval.

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