Go Ahead and Take that Wobbly Step

Life is ticking by even if you are not watching the clock. In life, things will go wrong and there will be many twists and turns along way. Some people see them as growth spurts while others see the same the twists and turns as road blocks. But, I’ve learnt that life goes on regardless of how you view the horizons, so I use them as my growth spurts.

I want to think that the biggest mistake in life is holding on to hurts. Emotional hurt is like hugging the most venomous snake, sleeping with it and totally believing it’s not going to kill you. Why would someone put themselves through all that pain hugging toxic thoughts and emotions towards another fellow human being … believing it’s not going to hurt you?

Forgiveness may seem like it’s easier said than done … but the truth is … forgiveness should be our number one priority because it brings immediate healing to our body, our brain, our emotions … and our ability to think and behave in a normal and rational manner … better known as having a sound mind.

Hurts lead to resentment and resentment is not cool. Hate, anger, and hurts are tricks that the devil uses to keep us as captured slaves chained to long years of resentment and unresolved conflict that can go deeper than you and I may realize—it must affect our physical health after being chained for years and years.

Forgiveness is a God-given gift to us and it gives us the ability to see others the way we want others to see us when we fail to meet their expectations.

It’s painful to remember the date, time, occasion, and even what you were wearing when someone hurt your feelings. To remember that for a whole life time is like hugging a venomous snake and sleeping in bed with it, believing it will never kill you. You can fret and fume over who hurt you, but be mindful that your life has an expiry date and maybe you could have been a zillion times happier many years ago.

The road to healing may not be paved with gold and smooth running, but taking a few wobbly steps towards forgiveness will eventually encourage you to take bolder steps towards new horizons with unfamiliar landscapes of happiness and healthy relationships.

We all experience pain in life, and no emotional pain is the same as anybody else, but we must all walk the journey and path that God has mapped out for our lives. Our greatest ministry/gift/service to mankind usually comes out of our greatest pain. So far, you and I have survived our worst days. Haha … I hope that’s not breaking news.

When I get hurt … my first response is Shock, then Anger, then Resentment, then Acceptance and finally Hope. If we have resentment and bitterness in our hearts, it’s time to let it go! Sleeping with venomous snakes will kill you in your sleep. Tomorrow may never come.

Allow God to heal the scars and He will give you the ability to forgive and love again. Our life and eternity are dependent on the power to love again.

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