Take Your Stand

A double minded person is someone who is undecided and unstable in everything they do. They have two minds that is always at war and their loyalty is problematic because they are neither with you or against you.

They remain neutral when there are opposing factors. It’s a miserable way to live because there’s no inner peace as they struggle with their true self-worth.

The sad thing is, double-mindedness never happens overnight as habits repeat themselves till the individual has little or no control over simple decision making. It’s a battle of the mind that does not stop as it ruins any good intention by the one held captive. They are tossed to and fro when faced with decisions.

Carrying out a simple task becomes a huge challenge to a person trapped by their double-mindedness. Some people choose this way of living because anything else requires change and change only comes about by being single-minded … and that is not an easy task for someone who is unstable.

To be double-minded is like having two brains … it brings about instability where one day they act in one way and tomorrow they act in some other way. It’s a little more complicated dealing with people who show these symptoms. Their choices and decisions are affected by their instability, and they are unaware of the negative impact it’s having on them.

I am happy that I never heard about a triple-minded person … that definitely will be a human curve ball that requires extra grace and an overflow of patience.

As humans, we live by making decisions. It’s a personal decision to get up early and to go to bed late. To smoke or not to smoke. To overeat or eat too little. To live a quiet life or to be a busybody in other people’s affairs.

Everything about life is about decisions and choices. The things we want to do, we don’t do, and what we hate we do. Yep, life gets complicated most of the times.

Don’t be fooled in believing that only some people have these struggles … those who conquer them are those who decide to be single-minded and will not compromise on their beliefs. They are focus, free, and they live a peaceful life with purpose.

They do not try to please everyone. They are bold and confident and will not be easily persuaded.

A single-minded person is fully aware that the struggle to do good can only be won by having a strong-will power to do what’s morally right. They are not afraid to take a stand even if no one else is on their side. Folks may mock and laugh at them … but they know that they are not all heading to the same destination.

The fight to take a stand when everybody else is sitting calls for courage. A single-minded person does not stand in the middle of the road wondering which side to cross over. They know they will get run over so they quickly pick a side. They know that it’s their responsibility to get to where they are going.

Someone said, “Beware of those who seek constant crowds; they are nothing alone.” We must strive to get to a place where we do not need the praise and approval from others. If we ever find ourselves waiting for everyone to like us before we make our next move, we will never get to our destiny.

We will not play the victim. We will not throw a pity party. We will not point fingers. We will not give excuses. We will not look back. We will stand up for what’s morally right. We will speak up, and never give up. I’m with HER!

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