Announcing my return from an amazing and unforgettable Summer. Thank you for staying in touch with me. I read all your encouraging comments and I’m indeed a blessed woman to have amazing followers like yourselves.

Sharing a few pictures of my vacation with you. I visted Kenya which was the highlight of my Summer. The videos were amazing but I couldn’t upload them on my site.

Summer 2019 was unforgettable with my adult children, my sons-in-law and my favorite lil humans more fondly known as my grandchildren.

Last but not least, my wonderful and faithful husband who continues to be an amazing support to me in each and every way.

See you tomorrow as I share my thoughts with you.

Live! Laugh! Love!

See you tomorrow and please leave me your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “I’m BACK!

  1. Welcome back!! You were missed! Thank you for sharing your memories and journey with us. Blessings as you resumes your powerful, GOD-given ministry of these daily blogs. Praying for and with you always.

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