When the Cup is Empty

I wanted to write…but somehow the blank pages stared right back at me…I had a ‘writer’s block’. So I decided to write about the emptiness of my cup. Why do I feel so empty when most days I can write from an overflow…I asked myself.
The answer came back to me loud and clear…”There are many persons who live everyday with an empty cup…and it’s good for you to understand how it feels when your cup (life) is empty.”

Let’s be real, it’s not about being happy or sad…but being empty. An empty cup is a meaningless life. A meaningless life feels like an adult trapped in a kid’s body. Your favourite things don’t even interest you anymore. You look out the window and you see a world you don’t belong in. It’s a lonely life. It’s a life where your story changes everyday.

I began to imagine how someone with a meaningless life feels. It’s like someone born into an affluent family like the prodigal son who demanded all of his inheritance at once to go explore the world far away from the one he knew. He was excited to indulge in his own pointless passions without the constraints of his father. He was like the curious cat that sneaked up to the mouse trap. Surprises, surprises, surprises.

The folly of his wayward ways bought him an empty meaningless life eating food from a pig’s pen after squandering ALL his inheritance …party after party lead to poverty. Without money and family he soon realized that life is far more complex than he assumed in the comfort of his father’s kingdom.

Looking back in his rearview mirror he came to his senses that life is a circle. I’ve got to go back if I want to survive the crash.

There are survival skills that are crucial to having a meaningful life and HOPE must be added to it. To survive a crash …we need hope that things can get better even if you are miles away from your starting point eating at a pig’s farm. Life is NOT meaningless and your last chapter doesn’t have to be written at your present location.

We must start looking above the sun and the world in which we live. There’s another world where God lives and He comes to meet you right where you are bringing HOPE to a meaningless life.

No life is meaningless. But, it’s got to be a choice only you can make. The prodigal son had to leave where he was to get the help he desperately needed.

A meaningless life can be meaningful if we have the right ingredients. Hope, faith, and trust in God.

When your life is dark and meaningless…there’s a Heavenly Father waiting for His prodigal son and daughter to come home. In your most difficult season of life…God can bring meaning to it.

God uses our greatest mistakes and the wrong turns in our lives for greater purpose. Stop beating yourself up. Our mistakes don’t surprise Him. Let it go! Get back your passion! Withholding nothing will get you to the finish line.

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