Straight from the Heart

There are so many times when I’m looking to God to give me confirmation that He’s hearing my prayers and then suddenly it appears like if He just stepped back and became a spectator. In times like these I’m literally thinking in my head – ‘Hello God, have you taken the position of a spectator to see what my next move will be if I don’t get the confirmation I’m looking for?’ So, I giggle my way out of the thought because chances are…that’s exactly what God is doing.

There are times when we don’t hear from God the way we imagine … we run off in haste and build little gods with great anticipation that they will answer us faster than waiting on THE ONLY TRUE and LIVING GOD … biggest mistake.

From personal experiences I know whenever I become easily overwhelmed and emotional it’s a sign that I’m spending more time listening to my anxious thoughts instead of taking notes of what I’m hearing from God. It’s a no-brainer. The answer is obvious – I’m not hooked up to the right line … there’s a cross line.

Faith in God means a wise person keeps themselves and their thoughts under control. It’s beyond our wildest dreams what really happens when we pray. Pray changes our thinking and our thinking changes our view. When the views are changed…hope increases, and miracles happen.

One morning this week I was sitting alone on my back patio and I captured a mental picture of a child holding a helium balloon running across a wide-open field with great excitement as the balloon soared into the open heavens. What happened next was this child’s greatest nightmare…the balloon escaped leaving only a string tied to the child’s hand. The child’s tears bought so much grief to my heart as I watched on in a trance.

I wondered for a moment how much God loves us even when we run off with great enthusiasm doing our own stuff NEVER once thinking that the height will cause our helium balloon to expand and the balloon will pop leaving a string of tears and painful consequences.

What happens if the balloon of life pops while we are running across the field playing with our life? Who is holding our strings? God comforts us that we will comfort others. Don’t get your phones lines crossed, everybody needs God and waiting is part of the process. Our tears bring so much grief to God’s hearts while He’s faithfully holding on to our strings.

The Balloon of Life oftentimes pops and the excitement disappears, and you will be left in tears. But, our continued prayers will keep our anxious thoughts under control. When the balloon pops… God is still holding on to the string. When our views are changed, Hope increases, and Miracles happen.

He’s got the whole world in His hands. He’s got my children in His hands. He’s got your children in His hands. He’s got our spouses in His hands. He’s got our brothers and our sisters in His hands. He’s got the tiny little babies in His hands. He’s got our fathers and our mothers.

He’s got you in His hands. He’s got everybody everywhere in His hands. He’s got the whole world in His hands.

Be cautious of who’s holding your strings. Wait on the LORD, He’s got it all under control. 


2 thoughts on “Straight from the Heart

    1. Nothing is more important than knowing we can carry all our cares to God. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.

      He’s got the whole world in His hands.

      Like Aaron and Hur we lift each other’s hands up.


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