No Handpicking

Sometimes good people are forced to deal with some weighty issues in life while it appears that bad people live comfortable lives. Life sometimes gives us a ‘bad hand’ – and no one has the luxury of exchanging the life they were given. We can either choose to look at ourselves as a victim of  circumstances OR choose to prove we can overcome every impediment that was set in our pathway.

No one gets the pleasure of HANDPICKING their encounters in life; we simply get what we’ve been given WITH NO OPTIONS to exchange. One goal in mind – be intentional to win. WHATEVER your portion in life may be …think of it as your passport to the world. How you use what’s in your hand will determine whether you win or lose your slice of life.

My Tuesday Thoughts:

Your ‘bad hand’ doesn’t have to define you. You may have to skip a year due to the weighty issues of life … but never count yourself out. It’s okay to pause for a worthy cause but it’s never okay to quit.

It is what it is … sometimes you must get sick to get better. All sicknesses don’t lead to death. Some sicknesses are designed to show God’s incredible powers.

Sometimes while on our journey to a new act we may have missed a turn … sure enough the voice on the GPS will calmly let us know it’s recalculating our route. There are many ways to get to your destination. We were all created with a PURPOSE.

Let the people we admire inspire us to stay in the race. You may have missed a few good opportunities, but you are still better than a dead lion. Don’t perspire but being inspired.

Find your grasp without gripping about your past. There’s only one thing you can do about your past and it is to make it a chapter in your story. If you forget your past, you will forget the goodness of the LORD. Your past is an important part of who you are today.

As you increase your core strength you will perform the same routines you do every day with less risk, so it may hurt awhile but in awhile it will not hurt any longer.

Find your fortitude and don’t go solitude. Isolation keeps you away from other humans…you can only gain stamina in human relationships.

Go ahead and dip in the pool of humility, grit and bear the shame …don’t be a fool and stay in the sickness.

God does not ask for your ability, only if you are available, and if you prove you’re reliable, He will increase your capability.

Find your place of joy but don’t be a clown. Girls love to laugh. If you fall, pick yourself up but don’t keep falling to the enjoyment of others.

Stop saying sorry even when it is not at your fault…you are not a victim…your kindness must never be mistaken for weakness.

Tears don’t last forever. Sometimes all we need is one good cry to put back the fight into our soul. Let your tears cry. Learn. Move on.

Sit in the class and then walk out with class. You cannot change what you are not willing to confront. Accept it as a credit to your future plans. Some lessons in life can only learn the hard way, some are learnt from observing others, and some are learnt from reading.

Don’t let one bad year keep you stuck where you don’t belong. You rested but you didn’t quit. You are still standing. Be brave. Be kind. Dream big. Think happy thoughts. Give your current life a wink …your future depends on your next move.





2 thoughts on “No Handpicking

  1. Junie, what a blessing!!!! This blog is chock FULL of wisdom! Every thought, every sentence is full of wisdom! I thank GOD for you and the vessel of this daily blog. May you be encouraged and strengthened to continue to run this race with patience and GOD’s Grace and pass on your life lessons to those who have ears to hear. I love you always.

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