Faith OVERRIDES our Emotions

Our mind, intellect, reasoning, or brain does NOT produce FAITH. Faith develops in the incubator of our spirit. You cannot sit and reason out a situation and end up having faith, our faith will die with reasoning or if you decide to go intellectual. It goes beyond human comprehension.

The extremes that Satan will go to shake our confidence in God is mind blowing – ‘Does June fear You for no reason? Have you not put a hedge around her and her house? But stretch out Your Hand and touch all that she has, and she will curse You to Your face’ … is his most repetitive lines when he goes before God.

Sure enough, our TEST always turns into our TESTIMONY when God grants permission. So, we can’t just quit like that the day of the test.We are on an assignment. Faith overrides our emotions. Emotions stir up responses … and negative responses remove the Hand of God. Choose FAITH OVER EMOTIONS!

God CHOOSES the FOOLISH things of the world to SHAME the WISE. How long will we waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, then follow Him. But if we keep tripping and overreacting to a crisis … our faith will be destabilized, and that’s exactly the response Satan wants.

Some situations can get worse before God intervenes and announces the landslide victory. Why? Because a display of FAITH is more theatrical in the eyes of humans. When things are at its worse … everybody is watching. Can you imagine pouring buckets and buckets of water to light a bonfire? When God is about to display His mighty acts with water-soaked wood and logs … watch out…it’s a showstopper as it only takes a spark to get a fire going. Even the water will be consumed by the flames of the fire.

God has the solutions to everything we don’t have the solutions for.

Faith grows in the incubator of our spirit and it dies in logical thinking.

Elijah prayed for three and half years before he saw a cloud as small as a man’s hand RISING FROM the Sea. It’s silly to consider giving up on those things we’ve been praying about.

How long will we go between two opinions? If God be God, then follow Him, but if the other images you have in your mind be your choice, then follow them.

God CHOSE the WEAK things of the world to SHAME the STRONG. God CHOSE David a little boy to go fight the giant Goliath that the army feared. Now that’s theatrical at its finest. God never sees size, age, or logic. All He sees is someone who will dare Him to send them into the battlefield.

God CHOSE the LOWLY and DESPISED things of the world SO THAT NO ONE MAY BOAST IN HIS PRESENCE. There was a man with wealth and fame, and he had cancer…not even his money could change his condition. It was his young servant girl that courageously encouraged her master to go to the man of God for prayer. Naaman agreed and his health was restored. Money couldn’t change his condition but the servant girl’s faith made the difference.

People with wealth and fame are exposed to problems that money cannot solve. And the poor are always in need and have greater issues. I’m sure you don’t have to look far to agree with either of these statements.

For the MESSAGE of the CROSS is FOOLISHNESS to those are sinking in quicksand, but to us who are being saved IT IS THE POWER OF GOD.

Faith OVERRIDES emotions.

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