Don’t become Numb

People need people, and if we are ever forced to choose between friends and family … family is more important. Marriage was God’s idea. God said that a man should leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and they will become one. The fifth commandment says that children should honor their parents by treating them with respect and obedience…and there’s a bonus…it comes with a promise – That it may go well with them ALL the days they live.

When God created humans, He intended us to live in families and He went further by saying, “He sets the lonely in families” Psalms 66:8

Family is important because it provides love, support, and values. Family has a great influence on our choices and decisions. We feel safe when we are together.

A month ago my husband picked me up from the airport and we left to have something to eat. As we were about to enter the restaurant, I observed a young woman approximately in her late twenties standing outside with bags of her personal belongings looking disheveled and pretending to be speaking to someone on the phone. As I did a quick glance, I realized that she was not on a phone even though she was speaking loudly. My heart broke into a zillion pieces as a mother of four daughters myself. So many thoughts went through my head and my heart ached with so many unanswered questions.

I whispered to my husband asking him for the largest dollar bill he had on him. I took a little relief walking towards her and handing her my token of love. She acknowledged my gesture without making eye contact and mumbled a ‘thank you’. As I am writing this…my heart still hurts. I may never know her story whether her challenges came out of her own rebellion or if she is a member of dysfunctional family, or if her pain and sadness came out of rejection and abuse…but one thing hits home to me…the importance of having a family where each one is held accountable for the other.

In my tired frame of mind just coming off a nineteen hours flight…I wish I had the tools to help her there and then. The struggles in life can be overwhelming for healthy people and more so for our highly vulnerable family members who don’t have the necessary coping skills. It takes a lot of hard work and zillions of prayers and tears to keep the family together…but anything less…will make us become numb … and becoming numb will create an epidemic in our society.

As a Mom, I fully understand that sometimes our children can make crazy choices as they move further and further away from our values and their upbringing … but our prayers will continue to follow them around the world and back again. God’s mercies and grace will faithfully cover them in ways pass their own understanding. NO cry goes unheard by our loving Father. I think we underestimate the power of prayers when we find ourselves at the intersection of what looks like the Red Sea. If God did it before…wouldn’t He do it AGAIN. The second time is always more dramatic than the first time.

Keep hope alive. We are NOT leaving anyone behind for the devil to laugh or mock us. Fight for your family. It’s a fight worth fighting. There’s a MIGHTY WAVE between us and those that are against us. The Red Sea is designed in such a way for our loved ones to pass through safely and to drown our adversaries.

Like any other relationship, family takes a lot of work to keep it up and running. LOVE COVERS an intractable amount of sins. Be kind to each other, forgiving each other as God has forgiven us. How many times? Seventy times seven = BOUNDLESS. It’s irresponsible parenting if we are NOT prayer warriors for our children.

Father God, I pray for hurting parents, children, and family members. I pray that you will heal, restore and rebuild our homes. Forgive us where we fell short and made mistakes along the way. You are our Kinsman Redeemer restoring the Godly RIGHTS of our family and going after the ONE LOST SHEEP. Lord, let none be lost and may we hold ourselves accountable for the members of our family. In Jesus Name, Amen

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