Fear is NOT an Option

Fear doesn’t need a formal invitation to participate in any of our mental or social discussions. All it takes to become unstable is to feel threatened by bad news, or hear a rumor, or to be faced with a major difficulty in your life for fear to show up.

Fear is merciless if we allow our minds to wander off into dark areas of the unknown only to be trapped and held hostage by our own thoughts. Whatever we saw, heard, or even imagine suddenly becomes our new reality.

When we stumble into the darkness … we believe that the Lord is powerless and the worst is about to happen. The truth is NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH is too big or too small for God to disrupt the plans of the enemy. The Lord is never intimidated with size of a matter bought before Him, or the length of time it’s been pending.

What looks like a major calamity in our lives … is like a speck of dust on the carpet from God’s bird eye view. Now, only if we could believe this … fear will not torment us.

With a spoken word God told the Moon where to hide till evening. He told the Ocean it can only come this far to land. Even the hairs on our head are ALL numbered.

It takes seconds for us to feel overwhelmed by the sniff of bad news … and that certainly works in Satan’s favor. In haste we scramble to avoid a catastrophe from happening believing we can control the outcome. The devil knows when we are afraid and he is relentless and hostile towards us.

Let’s remember … Fear is NOT an option when you know in whom you have entrusted your whole life to … and you’re fully persuaded that God is able to keep everything He has promised.

Know this …. Morning breaks after the darkest night. EVERYTHING HAS AN EXPIRY DATE. No shuffling around, no more going back and forth in our FAITH. No more stumbling into dark places. Faith is believing what God says and believing that He has meticulously orchestrated our COMEBACK in every situation.

Jesus said, ‘In this world you will CONTINUE to experience difficulties. BUT TAKE HEART! I’ve CONQUERED THE WORLD.’

By God’s grace we will get through today, tomorrow and the years ahead with a GREATER COMEBACK. When God says YES, nobody can say NO. God arms us with strength for every battle.

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