When enough is ENOUGH (Edited)


Welcome to a day in my life — Did you ever wake up and go “No, this just didn’t happen” … and roll over and go back to sleep because the reality was too scary? Well to all my email subscribers — last Sunday morning was that day. Unfortunately, while still editing my blog for Monday … it erroneously was sent. Well, sometimes LIFE Happens! So here’s the edited version.

When Enough is ENOUGH (Edited)

There’s no greater blessing than for children to have godly parents, and there’s no greater joy than for parents to have godly children. We all want the best for our children, but we know that once they step into adulthood you cannot tell them how to live. We also know that we cannot make decisions for them.

Sometimes in my anxiety to see my children walking with God I become overzealous and I want to assist God. I’m still a HUGE work in this category but it’s a beautiful feeling to know that I’m not where I used to be. Now, when I can’t stand, I kneel. When I can’t sleep, I kneel. When I can’t eat, I kneel. When I can’t laugh, I kneel. When the fight gets fiercer, I kneel. It’s more peaceful than worrying and lecturing them night and day.

I am happy that I had a praying Mother who held me up in her prayers while I was navigating my way through life… but there came that time in my life when I had to decide for myself by myself that enough was enough. I would hear my Mom pray for all her children and I knew within my heart that my Mother’s happiness depended a lot on my choices.

We read in Numbers 23 that God’s anger was aroused and He swore an oath that none of the men who came up from Egypt twenty years and older will enter the land He promised to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, because they did not wholeheartedly follow His commands. You may ask — ‘EVERYONE over twenty years lost their rich inheritance EXCEPT for TWO men Caleb and Joshua?’ Caleb and Joshua were the only adults in that generation to make it to the Promised Land.

It must have been a tragedy to see people lost in the wasteland for 40 years just going around and around in circles. A journey that should have just taken days. So many people miss their best years by just making one foolish decision that keeps them living every year for 40 years doing the same thing and getting the same result. Now that’s what we call a tragedy.

Sometimes our choices create anxiety for our loving family and worse yet put us at risk where we lose our rich inheritance and we die in the wasteland. Even when we love someone and accept them for who they are, there must be boundaries. Could this be a reason why there’s a Heaven and a Hell in spite of a loving Heavenly Father?

To whom much is given, much is required meaning that we will be held responsible for what we have and what we know. To everyone who knows to do good and does not do it — it is a sin. Rebellion is as the sin of WITCHCRAFT and stubbornness is as INIQUITY and IDOLATRY. When we REJECT GOD, our prayers fall on deaf ears.

When we know better, we must do better. In our hearts we know God, but if we hide that knowledge and exchange the truth of God for lies and served the creature (the frivolous things of life) rather than the Creator, God will give us up to the desire of our hearts.

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