Know YOUR Worth

WARNING! MY BLOG IS LONG BUT IT’S DEFINITELY WORTH READING. Hope it helps everyone who reads it.

When the LORD your God brings you into FREEDOM do not make a promise nor show sympathy to those He has allowed you to conquer namely the ‘Hittites’ ‘Amorites’ ‘Perizzites’ ‘Hivites’ ‘Jebusites’. They were once greater and more powerful than you, but the LORD delivered them over to you and you conquered and utterly destroyed them. Deuteronomy 7:1-4

Allow me a little grace to take the group of people mentioned above OUT OF CONTEXT only to bring home my points for today’s blog:

Let’s IMAGINE that the Hittites today are the abusers. The Amorites are the bad lovers who love you because you call them your king or queen. The Perizzites are those who act like parasites feeding off you until there’s nothing more to give. The Hivites are the people who invite you to places that will destroy your character. The Jebusites are those who pretend to love you, but they are secretly jealous of you.

The most dangerous thing about being in relationships with abusers, bad lovers, parasites, liars, and manipulative men is that the woman who doesn’t know her worth often seeks comfort in the arms of unscrupulous men even though they don’t love her, and treats her like dirt. Today it’s known as ungodly soul ties … it’s where two unhealthy people pass on demonic garbage one to the other. They make vows like “I will love you forever” or “I will never let anyone know.” The soul is where your mind, will and emotions live. The tie is what makes two persons one.

I did a course once on Inner Healing and one of the sessions was on ‘Ungodly Soul Ties’ and it was quite an eyeopener. Sex is like gluing two pieces of paper together and the next day trying to pull them apart. Totally impossible. Pieces of your sex partner stays with you for the rest of your life. And it gets worse when there are multiple relationships.

Ungodly soul ties pull you away from healthy relationships and controls your mind, will and emotions. You don’t want to keep the relationship, but you can’t help thinking about them all the time. Here’s a great place for me to plug this in – ‘wet dreams’ — not cool. They are sexual seductive demons that sleep with you and keep you craving for more sex. It plays on your mind, will and emotions.

For better or for worse — we all have the freedom to choose.

Shame makes it easy for someone to stay in an abusive relationship because you believe you deserve it. Shame holds you hostage to people who are not healthy for you. A lecturer once told me – “Wherever there’s an ungodly soul tie, there’s manipulation and lies.” In other words – when you are in an unhealthy relationship you will be subjected to blackmailing, exploitation, misuse, smearing and lies.

Here are some facts taken from Deuteronomy 7:5-11 that I wish to apply to my topic:

YOU must deal with soul ties. YOU must destroy their altars, break down their sacred altars. YOU must burn images. Find someone to pray with you. Never a brilliant idea to handle this alone. Shame holds the abused hostage.

You are a holy people to the LORD your God. The LORD HAS CHOSEN YOU to be a people for Himself. Your purpose is bigger than anything you can dream or imagine.

The LORD did not choose you because you were more in number than other people, for you were the least of all people. He chose YOU BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU, and because He would keep the oath He swore to your fathers.

The LORD has brought you OUT with a MIGHTY HAND from the house of bondage. Burn the images. Destroy and Overthrow.

Therefore, know that the LORD your God , He is God, the faithful God who keeps His covenant and mercy for a thousand generations, with those who love Him and keep His commandments.

Therefore, you shall keep the commandment, the statutes, and the judgement which God has commanded you today, to observe them.

We were born to WIN! Destine 4th GREATNESS! When the LORD your God hand them over to you — you must destroy them — DO NOT make any promises to them nor show kindness to them.

Lyrics ‘No longer a slave to Fear’ by Jonathan David

You unravel me, with a melody
You surround me with a song
Of deliverance, from my enemies
Till all my fears are gone
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
From my mothers womb
You have chosen me
Love has called my name
I’ve been born again, into a family
Your blood flows through my veins
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God
I’m no longer a slave to fear
I am a child of God

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