Your Followers are NOT Always your Fans

On my recent vacation to Kenya we visited animal orphanages and safaris. Among the many animals I saw the gazelles held my interest for a moment in time. They are graceful and swift and when they leap into the air with all four feet, it makes it very difficult for their hunters to capture them.

We were told that the gazelles know that they must outrun the fastest lion, or they will be killed. The only animal comes close to its amazing speed is the Cheetah. For the cheetah to catch a gazelle he must run as fast, or faster than the gazelle to have him for a meal.

As the gazelle we should NOT lose our gracefulness but be swift to outrun our attackers making it very difficult to be captured. It was fascinating to watch all the animals (big and small) living on acres and acres of open land with each animal knowing fully well that they can be anyone’s meal. The lesson here is, your speed or lack thereof determines whether you will eat or be eaten.

If we are running in the jungle of life without God, the predators will capture us. We must be swift and agile to drop quickly to our knees in prayer when we know that we’re being pursued.

Everybody must eat … but you must not be someone’s else meal. You must outrun your enemies.

There’s a cry that only God can hear when any of His children are being attacked. Never underestimate the impact your fears, concerns, or cries have on the LORD. When you cry out, the LORD hears, and He rescues you from all your troubles. He is near to the broken heart and He is compassionate to those who are weary.

Be warned, when you are alone you will be someone else’s meal. There’s power in TOGETHERNESS otherwise the devil WILL NOT be instigating fights and arguments among us. One gazelle left alone is food for its predators.

The Bible says, God is your safe-haven and your strength an ever-present help in times of trouble. Therefore, you can outrun your enemies and not fall prey to the traps setup for you.When you call on Jesus all things are possible. Just a mention of His Name is like a bulletproof tower where we can run from the vicious attacks of those pursuing you.

Where do you run for protection and safety? We have a safe-haven built with us in mind …it’s a high tower where our prayers are heard from the four corners of the earth.

The LORD promises to keep you safe from all kinds of evil. You are His personal concern. Do not fear. Do not panic. We are God’s personal concern.

A special treasure above all the animals of the earth. We must keep running when the sun comes up.

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