A Conversation with Ourselves

It’s not how you started or where you came from … first you must crawl, then walk, and then run but giving up is not an option. You will encounter failures and doubts along the journey but one day you will look back and be glad that you didn’t give up.

When we were children, we thought and reasoned like children. When we were teenagers, we lived ‘nine lives’ taking huge risks and breaking speed limits in every unimaginable way. Then the great 30’s and 40’s came along and suddenly life doesn’t look like a crazy joyride anymore. The reality made many weep for fear of getting old.

Sadly, it’s at this intersection some folks quickly forget only to pick up speed trying to capture the best pictures of life as they hang over the cliff of the 40’s and up. It’s at this crossroad where I caution you not to exchange your integrity for approval.

It will be a tragedy to reach to the end of your life and realize that your priorities were messed up and you have no more time to carry out the plans and purpose that GOD carried in HIS HEART for you.

Our gifts and skills will make room for us but being lazy will make you a slave to the lender. At the END of life we WILL be called to attend our final appearance at the table where our APPRAISAL/ PERFORMANCE REVIEW will be conducted … it’s the Frivolous vs Purpose reality check point.

Choices and generational curses are to be carefully managed as they can ruin our reputations.

Never give up. Never look back. Never look down unless you’re helping someone else up. Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy. If someone is strong enough to bring you down, get right back up because you’re not a victim. You were born to shine.

If someone offers to pay me a huge lump sum of great wealth to re-live my life at any age from birth till my current age of 64 plus years … I will decline without hesitation and kick my shoes off and fall right into my sofa with great laughter. Why one may ask?

When I was a child, I thought as a child … but at my age now … I’m much wiser than I have ever been in all my life … and so my purpose in life has been upgraded to a higher standard.

God has turned my curses into blessings. I’m walking in freedom and I’m no longer a slave to people’s opinions, generational curses and to anything in my past. I’m actually living my best life at an age that most folks are terrified of reaching. Everything that was meant to destroy me became my stepping stones. When I’m called for my appraisal/performance review I want to boldly step forward and say, ‘Here I am.

Finally, the LORD specializes in turning curses into blessings and He’s good at bringing laughter into your life in the middle of the bleakest situations. It’s been proven that we can experience peace in the scariest moments of life.

God takes you on a path that ends with blessings that you never imagined… keep walking with purpose and a plan. Everything that the enemy INTENDED for pain and shame in your life, the LORD TURNS them into blessings. It’s all working in your favor. And the lessons and experiences …. they are important for your story.

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