A Suitable MATE

Sometimes life seems like a dark tunnel with no visible light anywhere in the distant … but they that know their God keep moving forward believing that the end must be nearer than we can see. Life many times get blurry.

The Bible says, “The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will MAKE A HELPER SUITABLE FOR HIM.” People need people … we were created for relationship. Finding someone compatible must include God’s input to avoid repeated relationship failures.

It was NOT God’s idea for anyone to go and find Mr. or Mrs. Right. God said … HE WILL MAKE TWO imperfect persons the right match for each other. They will have their flaws as all humans but because God has put them together their relationship will work as long as they hold on to God.

When we do life God’s way, we obtain favor and the fit is right. The Word of God NEVER contradicts itself. God does everything to keep us from heartbreak, remorse, and falling into repeated bad relationships. God said that He will MAKE you and your spouse compatible to live, work and have a happy family life together. We cannot make anyone compatible with us … it’s a God thing.

God our Heavenly Father should have an input into choosing our mate. Anyone who chooses to wait on God is a wiser than someone who falls in love when they are lonely.

Ignorance of God’s Word is Satan’s master plan to a cycle of dysfunctional relationships. Two persons can’t walk together unless they come into agreement, so it makes complete sense that we put all matters of the heart in God’s hands. No relationship is perfect … there will always be disagreements … but you never stop holding hands with the Father.

Both my husband and I have had many learning curves along the way but by the grace of God we made it … and His grace towards us was not in vain. We are proof that Jesus can work on the inside making us compatible to live, work and have a happy home. We have fought a good fight and kept the FAITH.

Relationship is a learning process. We learn to disagree and hold hands with the one who MAKES us ONE. We make sacrifices and we learn how to overlook some things for the betterment of our marriage.

We wake up … we are next to each other. We fall asleep … we are next to each other. We share a meal … we are next to each other. We disagree … there’s a profound silence … but no one is running off to solitary confinement. Marriage is for grownups.

When God puts two persons together you can experience God’s blessings in the city, in the country, on the children, on our bread and water, in our coming and in our going out. When we walk in humble obedience, we will reap the fruit of God’s reward.

Trust God to put the right person in your life. May you find comfort in knowing that Jesus is a true, true friend that is more concern about your happiness than you are … just falling in love because you are lonely is the worst mistake anyone can make.

God is the Mastermind behind the construction of a healthy relationship. We are made from dust and we are reproduced into a more durable display of God’s glory.

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