How I Wish Everyone could be Happy

I wish people everywhere could be happy and living their best lives in every way. There will no room for jealousy, wars of words, competition, hostility, and such like. When we make peace with ourselves by accepting who we are, in addition to having an unshakable faith that we are right where we are meant to be in life… the world will be a happier place for you and for me.

Life is stressful and people everywhere are dealing with anxiety, loneliness and depression while trying to keep up the appearance that life is great. I believe everyone wants to be happy and deserves to be happy including the angry person, the hostile person, and the person who tries to intimidate or harm the vulnerable people in their lives.

Sometimes trying to find happiness can be a struggle because we look for happiness in all the wrong places or ways. There’s a bottomless pit of emptiness inside of all of us that is never satisfied no matter how much we try to feed it. We purchase the dream house, buy the shoes, go on vacation, have a baby, and yet we come up short of the satisfaction we were looking for … it remains a mystery.

Is it possible that maybe we have been looking for GOD in all the places we have been looking for happiness? The Devil is not your friend, but he’s sure remains your shadow. He keeps you actively pursuing happiness while secretly stealing your time, your self-worth, and your confidence. But when you pursue God, He always has your best interest at heart.

God withholds no good thing from you, and He will do whatever needs to be done to stamp His approval of you making you authentic. Living in truth requires change and change requires you accepting the truth that genuine happiness is found only in having a relationship with God. The choice is always dependent on your next move.

If you never had a relationship with God, you will be turned off from what I’m saying. It’s like a child growing up in poverty they never saw inside a palace so there’s zero interest. But if that child becomes successful and can afford everything his heart desires … BOOM! He will never go back to poverty. A relationship with God turns you into a contented person with or without the luxuries of life.

Happiness is not having to worry about tomorrow and ONLY GOD holds our tomorrows.

We sometimes must ask ourselves, ‘If today was the last day of our lives, will I be happy with my choices?’ Change is voluntary. If you are tired from the same old way of doing things you should be excited to try something new. Happiness is a free choice but not everyone will choose to be happy.

Maybe we have been looking for GOD in all the wrong places. The unhappy person is constantly looking for the next person or thing … but the person who loves God is confident and bold as a lion. Happiness is never returned if it’s given to the wrong person. But when our steps are ordered by God, He makes even our enemies to be at peace with us.

If we stumble, we will not be down for too long because He has a grip on our hands. I’ve never once seen an abandoned believer of Christ. I wish everyone would be happy but true happiness is found only in God.

If today was the last day of your life, will you be happy with your choices? Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. Live with limited regrets. It’s about time we stop looking for GOD in all the wrong places.

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