Delay vs Denial

Our lives are like an open book before God. Our thoughts and our words are known to God before we speak one sentence or share one thought. Absolutely nothing is hidden from God. It’s funny how we apologize profusely if we have an ‘oops’ moment during our conversation with each other or if someone overhears our embarrassing conversations. But with God … life goes on without missing a beat.

And what about those thoughts? The LORD knows the thoughts of human beings that they are sometimes void of understanding. If some of our thoughts were to appear written across our faces … they can be very disturbing to say the least.

To know that nothing escapes God’s attention … yet He remains gentle towards us with all our faults, mistakes, and ugly thoughts is mind blowing. God’s love is bigger than our mistakes, bigger than our faults, bigger than our confusion, bigger than anyone could ever imagine. God’s love is like an ocean. We will never in a million years find this kind of love in a human being.

In seasons of anxiety and fear we can find great comfort knowing that God’s got us even when our faith in Him is at it’s lowest. When we become nervous of His timing … He has commanded us to be strong and of good courage. In other words, quit behaving like children and act as grownups. Don’t allow the situations to bully and intimidate us with those disturbing loud voices.

God’s love surrounds us till all those fears are gone. It doesn’t mean that we just sit on the couch waiting for God to do whatever we have asked Him to do. We’ve got to work the Word while standing strong and being of good courage despite what appears to be a delay. A delay is not a denial so work the Word.

An angel told Daniel ‘Do not be afraid Daniel, for from the FIRST DAY that you purposed to understand and to humble yourself before your God, YOUR WORDS WERE HEARD, and I HAVE COME IN RESPONSE to them. HOWEVER, the prince of the kingdom of Persia opposed me for twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me….”

It’s very encouraging to learn from this verse that from the FIRST DAY that Daniel prayed … his WORDS were heard … but because of the demonic activities in high places his prayers were hindered. The battles we fight are never against each other … it against powers and rulers of the darkness of this world.

We are commanded to be strong and of a good courage praying without giving up. We leave nothing for chance but pray about everything letting God know what’s on our mind. Many of us pray but we quit praying because we don’t receive the answers. A delay with God is never a ‘No’ from Him.

We do not lean on our own understanding of the situation at hand. God sees things we cannot see. He knows things we do not know. He’s got the bigger picture and we don’t. We will continue to trust God and pray regardless of the delay and lean not on our understanding of the matter at hand.

Prayer is getting God’s attention to work on our behalf. God sees things we cannot see. When God knows we are depending on Him only, He sends the help that is needed. So, we humble ourselves and be strong and of a good courage.

Today, we will be strong and brave, and God will give us rest. He unravels all our fears so we can be at peace. Give it to God and leave it there.




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