We Will Get Through This

Here’s a story I read: “A family had put their Grandma on her first plane flight, but she hadn’t been very confident about the experience of leaving the ground on this contraption. When they met her at the airport on her return, one of the family members kidded her by asking, “Well, did the plane hold you up okay?” She grudgingly replied, “Well, yes,” and then quickly added, “But I never did put my full weight down on it!”

For many of us we are like grandma … too afraid of putting all our weighty situations down and relying on God to take full control of our safe landing. Anxiety creeps the moment we decide to hand over our cares and we have none other than Mr. and Mrs. Unbelief as our seatmates who keep the conversation going without a break.

How often do we find ourselves matching God’s ability with our own ability and as a result we are terrified to enjoy the flight? ‘What if I fall? ‘ Is the thought that comes to our minds mid flight. There are so many things we get anxious about – health, finances, children, failures, regrets, guilt and the list can go on and on.

Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will make everything plain to us when we hand over those things that keep us awake during the flight. God gives us His Peace that promises to go beyond our own understanding of the issues at hand. He never leaves us when we are scared or abandoned. So don’t be upset if the journey seems to be taking longer than we expected.

Listening to uplifting music and reading scripture are great ways to counteract anxiety, and it’s beneficial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We act in faith until faith becomes our reality. We step into the unknown even when we don’t even fully see the entire picture. Faith looks foolish to the world … but it looks exciting from God’s advantageous view.

Why would anyone consider doing life without God has been a question that has baffled me from time to time. Knowing God doesn’t mean that we escape hardships … but it makes it easier to accept that whatever the outcome maybe … it is well with our soul.

The song my Mama used to sing goes like this:

I don’t know about tomorrow. I just live from day to day. I don’t BORROW from the sunshine, cause the skies MIGHT turn to grey. And I don’t worry about the FUTURE … cause I know what Jesus said … and TODAY I’m gonna walk right beside Him … cause He’s THE ONE who knows what is ahead. There are things about tomorrow, that I DON’T seem to understand … but I KNOW who holds tomorrow … and I KNOW who holds my hand. Each step is getting BRIGHTER as the golden stairs I climb, and every burden is getting LIGHTER, and all the clouds … they’re silver lined. I’ll bet the sun it’s always shining … there no tears will ever dim the eye … and the ending of the rainbow …. Where the mountains, they touch the sky. There are MANY things about tomorrow … I don’t seem to understand


As life will sometimes have it … here’s a song I sing NOW:

I’ve had my tears and sorrows … I’ve had my questions about tomorrow … there were times when I didn’t know right from wrong … but in EVERY situation … God gave me blessed consolation … that my trials ONLY came to make me STRONG.


How is your flight? Knowing Jesus GUARANTEES a safe landing.

7 thoughts on “We Will Get Through This

    1. My friend, I also finding myself in the same place helping God then I remind myself that God has my best interest at heart.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I enjoy reading them.

      Blessings 🙏🏾

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