Ready or Not

When I was a kid, we played a game ‘Ready or Not here I come.’ One person closes their eyes for a short period counting loudly while the other person hides. The chaser opens their eyes and tries to find the one that’s hiding, and it feels like all of heaven is cheering you on as you find the person hiding.

The decade 2020 got started and very much like this childhood game – Ready or Not it’s here. If you close your eyes while enthusiastically counting down the next 359 days with no intention of finding the hidden purpose to your existence in 2020 – you will finish the year with regrets.

The countdown to 2020 has begun and the race must go on. Good day or bad day the clock is still ticking and like a participant in the race of life you must show up daily giving it the best shot despite the odds. Everyday is important even if you find yourself lying flat-out with discouragement. In the stillness of the moment you can plan for your comeback.

Last year you had your bad days and you thought there was no way you would have survived the year and you did. You survived ALL of your bad days whether you remembered them or not. There were many times you didn’t know how you were going to manage the madness but God stood with you and you made it to the finish line.

Certainly, the tears, restless nights, bad dreams, mistakes, insecurities, lack of finances, bad judgement calls – you survived them all. The yearend review made you feel like champions and not losers. You were not destroyed and left on the roadside to die. You survived it all and with God by your side – you will continue to write the story.

Thank God when 2020 showed up you didn’t look like what you went through or is still going through. Despite what the facts maybe – the facts cannot stop the plans God has for you. Every experience you have encountered is working in your favor and God’s original plan for your life is still on schedule.

It may not look so now but just like the childhood game as you open your eyes after the count is over – magically it all comes to together if you choose to stay in alignment with God.

God is a promise keeper and way maker and all of Hell can’t stand against Him. God walks with you. He talks with you. You are safe in the Master’s hand. Ready or Not a the year has started.

May God give to you the calmness to accept the things you cannot change and the wisdom to change whatever you can. Don’t dim your lights to make anyone happier than yourself.


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