In social media you can tag a person to a post or a photo to get their attention. You can also tag along with a friend who is going somewhere that you may not be too keen in attending. Some animals are tagged to obtain important information – environment, journey and movement and to determine their life spans.

To think that when God created you that He looked at you before releasing you into the arms of your mother and said to the angels, ‘Wow, I love this creation. This came out in the splitting image of Me. I am going to engrave him/her in the palm of my hand, but I will give them the freedom of choice to remove their tags.’

You were tagged by God from the very moment of conception and nothing about your journey takes God by surprise. God in His divine wisdom allows everyone of us freedom to make our own choices with the full knowledge that our choices will ultimately determine our destiny.

Two children can grow up in the same home from birth with the same parents with the same rules and the same opportunities, but what they both did about it will determine their individual destiny. 

Because we are tagged by God – God knows the journey we will take, and He remains patient towards us during our decision makings. God doesn’t always immediately show His disapproval if we decide not to include Him in our choices but like a wise father, He allows us the time and the freedom to learn the hard lessons in life with the hope we will change directions. 

It’s very sad when we ignore God’s extended times of tugging on our wings and chooses to remain stuck in painful situations. Not everyone wants to be helped and that’s a fact. Some people are so unhappy, and they know that they are unhappy but feel it was meant to be so they choose to remain in their tangled mess.

Staying stuck is always a choice unless you choose a different destiny. If you are not happy where you are then you are free to change direction while you can. Don’t be tricked into believing that life has to be unhappy. You have been tagged by God from conception. Life is good when you live as God’s children because the benefits are bountiful and rich in inheritance. Like the two children growing up in the same home our choices will determine our destiny.

There will never be a moment where you are hidden from His watchful eye. Whether you are feeling depressed or on top of the world God carries you as a father carries his child. It’s scary sometimes to think of all the details God has knowledge of, and yet He still chooses to love us in our mess.  Now, that’s someone we should be happy that tagged us. 

You may shut God out of your life, but it never deters God from pursuing you. It’s impossible for God to forget your name and your location. God patiently waits to reconnect with you. He is incapable of doing you wrong and only has the best to offer you.

You have been tagged by God and there’s no escaping His presence with or without your consent. I rather give Jesus permission to catch me if I fall than to stay in my tangled mess.  


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