Your Family is Worth the Struggle

What brings me hope in the dynamics of any family setting is that even though Jesus’ disciples had their dysfunctions and failures He personally handpicked each of them to follow Him.

No one can change who they are related to by blood, but you can choose who will be in your inner circle. I wonder what Jesus’ was trying to teach us when He chose dysfunctional disciples like Judas who betrayed His trust, and Peter who denied knowing Him to be a part of His inner circle.  

God in all His infinite wisdom strategically selected every member of your family with all its different dynamics to be a part of your family tree. There maybe a thief, a drug addict, a liar, a judge, a lawyer, a banker, a housewife all sitting at the dinner table.

Oh, to be like Jesus who demonstrated such grace, patience, humility, compassion and mercy.

Family dynamics sometimes get tricky with all the different colorful characters but with an overflowing abundance of grace and patience we must manage our emotions and stay positive in very difficult and challenging circumstances.

Your family is worth the struggle, the time and the patience to hold the unit together as much as it is humanly possible. Harbouring unforgiveness, shame, anger, resentment in your heart can become very unhealthy for you and toxic to the family’s environment.

To be happy and free you must be prepared to hourly/daily/weekly leave all unhealthy words and emotions outside of the room. It’s extremely stressful to stop every time to remember what others have said or done to you last year or last evening,  

The most valuable member of the family is the one who has learned how to walk through the storms without the storms permanently changing who they are.

Watching for trigger topics and knowing what topics must remain off limits help to cope with difficult family dynamics. Everything doesn’t need to have a voice to it. Somethings are better left unsaid for the unity of the family.

Your family is worth fighting for. The devil will love to see families being torn apart because of strife, bitterness, resentment, betrayal , money, house and land , and everything else that we cannot take with us to the grave.

Every family that is torn apart to the point of even refusing to sit in a room together is a win for the devil. Every family that chooses to be held together despite the dysfunctions by the power of prayer is a win for God. .

To honor God as the Head of your home is like allowing your dad to sit at the head of the table as a mark of respect. You cannot have harmony in your home if the head of the home is not regarded with respect.

When God is respected – the conversations are easy on the ears. The attitudes are checked at the door. And a little food eaten in peace and quietness is better than a feast with strife.

You can start again this time with God as the head of the home. Your family is worth the time and the investment. If every member does better the community becomes stronger.

Every member of your family’s tree is being carefully arranged to show a beautiful portrait of grace, forgiveness and wisdom.

Don’t lose heart. It doesn’t matter what it looks like now – it’s all coming together.

Every storm runs out of rain, and every dark night turns into day.

Hold on, pain ends. Joy comes in the morning. This too will pass.






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