There are THREE sides to EVERY Story

There are three sides to every story – yours, mines, and God. You can never get the whole picture of what really happened if you are only hearing one side. Hearing all sides, you get all the facts about what really happened. Never make a judgement call until you have heard all sides of the story.

For many of us we would not choose a promiscuous woman to either be our friend or even to introduce her as a family member. We will openly disapprove of her behavior and  distant ourselves from her lifestyle treating her like a forbidden fruit.

But included in Jesus’ family tree was a harlot by the name of Rahab. The Bible, however, made no attempt to hide the unpleasant fact that Rahab was a harlot. God in His Divine Plan cleverly orchestrated a plan to use a prostitute to protect Joshua’s men from being killed before their mission was accomplished

These men were different from the other men who will stay at Rahab’s place. They came for protection to hide from those who were pursuing them. It’s kind of startling to imagine God choosing a woman of low reputation to rescue His people and then to have her included in Jesus’ Family tree.  There are three sides to this story – The people in the town, her story, and God’s story.

By God’s intervention – Rahab then marries into one of the leading families of Israel and becomes a faithful follower of the LORD.  She became the mother of Boaz, who married Ruth and a couple generations later was placed among the family tree of Jesus. ‘When God’s grace erased a life of shame’ should be the tagline for Rahab.

It’s unimaginable to think how God could handpick a woman of disgrace to make it into His Son’s family tree. Rahab may not have known God … BUT GOD KNEW HER. God had a plan for her long BEFORE her plan included God.

At times we struggle to love and accept our women who have fallen beyond our standards of grace. But to see how God turns ashes into beauty remains one of the most spectacular show on earth that reminds us that God can certainly show up in any situation and show off. 

Only God can really turn a mess into a message. Only God can redeem a woman of low self-esteem. ONLY GOD  can take other people’s versions of your story THEN adds it to your story and miraculously turn it into a best-selling story. 

The spies turning up at your door is a divine encounter waiting to happen before you realize that God has a better plan for your life. God always has a divine encounter waiting to happen for anyone who will courageously risk their lives to trust Him.

He is the kind of God that takes your past and make it into a Broadway Show. There are always three sides to a story – their side,  your side, and God’s side. God’s mercy cannot be exhausted, and His grace can never drain the ocean. 

Stay encouraged! He gives more grace to erase a lifetime of shame. God’s love has no limits and no boundaries. No one on earth can exhaust God’s grace. Others may see no beauty in you that they should want to be in your company but based on God’s original plan for your life – your story can make you famous if you risk your life for God’s version. 

RAHAB HAD A CHANGE OF HEART AND LIFE and she became part of Jesus’ family tree.

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