The Greatest Comeback Story

You cannot choose your family, or how you were born, or what troubles you will face but you can choose everyday how you want to be remembered. Every single day life gives you new lessons in relationships, delays, making tough decisions, learning to find yourself over and over, or just simply keeping up with the demands of life.  

When you were a child, you were taught the lessons first followed by the test. But when you became an adult you had to accept the fact that the test comes before the lessons. Whoever thought that life will be so complicated?

In life you must learn how to love and when to let go, how to enjoy family and how to enjoy living with yourself. There are times when life gives us many reasons to sit and cry, but we often miss the lessons by focusing only on the pain. If you ever lost confidence in yourself believe you me, you can have the greatest comeback story yet to be told.

Some people write sad stories to make others cry while others write stories that are mesmerizing and has a happy ending. Both authors shared how their world looked, however, each write to their distinct audiences that will be drawn to their perspective of life. You my friend is the author of your story and each time you get to write make sure it’s worth the while.

I read a story once and this is how it went: A man asked an artist “How do you make such beautiful things from stone?” He replied, “Beauty is already hidden there. I just remove extra stones.”

Your happiness is hidden inside of you just must remove the stones that were thrown. You are no longer the victim of a misfortune or bad luck but the author of a brand-new story waiting to be read by all. Those who read it will wish they knew you as friend. God promises that the experiences that left you bent out of shape at the first smell of hope will blossom like a rose again.

Rejecting your life’s assignment with family, how you were born, the troubles you will face, the stones that were thrown, and the people who come in and out of your life will make you miss writing the greatest comeback story.

The miracle of surviving what was meant to destroy you is when God transitions you into your greatest season. Oswald Chambers said, “The miracle of the grace of God is that He can make the past as though it had never been.” I LOVE THE LORD because He makes the greatest comeback story.

When you engage God in your daily life, He dramatically changes your story to link up with His Hall of Faith. God restores broken dreams. Just give God something to work with and He will give you something worth sharing. God spoke purpose into you long before anyone had an opinion of you.

When you understand the purpose of your lifetime experiences you will never be ashamed of your story.

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