God Please Carry Us

God please carry us when we cannot go on. My blog was posted ten hours later than I had previously hoped for because there were just so many thoughts going through my mind. But, I made it happen and I hope it was worth the wait.

On January 26, 2020 the world was devastated by the tragic news of nine lives killed on board a helicopter. Among them were basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his 13 year old daughter, her basketball teammate, a baseball coach, his wife and daughter, an assistant girls basketball coach of a private school, and another mother and daughter. It’s hard to put into words what a tragic day January 26, 2020 was and will remain in the minds of millions.

So many of their families and friends woke up on January 27, 2020 heartbroken as their hearts were shattered into zillions of tiny pieces FOREVER. No words can be written or spoken to offset the pain of a helicopter ride gone bad. Two excited teenagers with their supporting cast members got their game face on and just like that life stood still for all of us as we watch on in horror.

Unquestionably death is a harsh sentence. All our thoughts, prayers, and support are with the wives, siblings, grandparents and close friends of our basketball legend and the passengers on board the helicopter.

My heart is broken on a personal level. What IF it was you or me or a dearly loved one on board the fatal helicopter ride?

So many families and friends hold on to grudges for years unending and it seems like there’s a hidden agenda to see who can hold out the longest even if convictions come banging on the doors of our hearts. A very sad reality – holding a grudge makes a person bitter and unpleasant to be around. Will it be too late to regret that you didn’t choose to hold on to more precious memories if your hearts weren’t so full of the grudges you were carrying throughout the years?

If your mind goes back to when life bought us together, we can say it was an amazing beginning. But keeping together is an effort that must be very intentional if life hits us an untimely blow of death. The stuff that pulls us apart is not worth exchanging for those precious memories that we had at the beginning. Holding on to a grudge makes you bitter and unpleasant to live with.

Motto: Apologize WHEN you can and let go of what CANNOT be changed.

I’ve discovered that there are more things for us to let go of simply because we cannot change the events, but we can always apologize whenever we can.

I wonder what or if anything was unsaid or undone to/with their families when their lives were quickly snuffed out on that tragic day in January. Death is a one-way destiny with no U-turns. The funeral services will be attended by those who loved and admired them.  The speeches, the laughter, the tears, the flowers, the casket, the who’s who, the players, the coaches, the media will all be in full attendance. I hope the nine lives felt the magnitude of love that will be expressed while they were alive.

AHA MOMENT: Live the way you want to be remembered and remember the persons who came through your life in the way you will have no regrets. Be intentional. Life is a single lane. We arrive at the gate alone – a grim reality.

Death comes to the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the famous and the displaced citizens. The material things and land and earthly treasures that sometimes separates us cannot be exchanged for LIFE when DEATH calls your number.

We ONLY have ONE LIFE and ONLY what’s done for CHRIST will last. Call me a ‘God freak’ really doesn’t hurt me but I know I have a good reward waiting for me when death calls my number. It’s all about the after-death experience. Naked we come, naked we go.

If there are stuff that has unintentionally kept us apart or indifferent towards each other – it’s time to apologize or let it go.


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