The Blossoming of a Rose

Today, I am a gardener – read to the end to see how I did. Some basic gardening tips: Stay close to water. Have great soil within reach. Pruning is a must. Trimming is necessary. Weed removal is the secret for the appearance. Lots of sunshine keeps the flowers happy. Experience preferred but not mandatory. Learning on the job offers more positions. And here I am giggling all the way to my backyard to do some gardening.

Gardening is not for everyone. It may be more realistic if you hate thorns to find a job at the nearest retail store where everything beautiful exists.

I love my roses and I’m always excited when they bloom. I keep a close eye on my rose garden and make sure that each one is blooming where they are planted. I planted my roses in sunny locations where the true colors can be seen and be admired by all. I understood before getting  into gardening that free admission will make me vulnerable to those who will visit my garden, but I have never been a selfish or greedy person.

Questions I asked myself before getting into gardening: How do I know when it’s time for pruning? Is Miracle-Gro good for my roses? How much water is enough for my thirsty roses on any given day? How do I make my roses grow faster? How do I save a dying plant?

During my hands-on experience I realized that roses were tougher than I thought, and they will survive re-potting process if you have the right soil at hand and water well. It takes lots of patience, sweat, tears, and commitment to produce a healthy flourishing rose garden. Therefore, for roses to survive they must be placed in fresh soil (not the old soil) to stand a fair chance of blossoming again.

Sounds like excellent gardening so far! Great idea! Very practical! But wait a minute roses have both petals and thorns as I searched for a single rose without thorns. There are highs and lows and good and bad that you encounter in gardening.

To enjoy anything beautiful you must handle the most difficult and painful parts of the process which includes pruning, replanting and changing the environment of what was once your comfort zone. Everybody’s rose garden looks different, but one thing is common to all –  roses come with thorns.

‘If you don’t like where you are MOVE. You are not a tree’  has been one of the quotes that  tickles me pink whenever I come across this quote. Maybe because sometimes I do feel like a tree. So many days while gardening and tending to my rose garden I found myself unhappy and complaining without making any effort to make a bad situation good. In times like these I feel like a big oak tree. Oh dear, the struggles are real!

But then I remembered that one rose I saw in the garden that’s now beginning to blossom again and desperately needs my attention. So, in seasons like these I stop and smell the roses to remind me of the one reason I enjoy gardening.

Our family tree has stunning and elegant roses that have shown strength in the most adverse kind of weather and have gone through phases of growth and pruning that should have left them lifeless but despite the adverse circumstances they bloomed again and drew the attention of many observers.

Life is like a rose garden. Watch out for the thorns and if you take good care of your rose garden you will live long to enjoy the view. Happy Gardening!


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