Hello, It’s working in YOUR Favor

I have the uttermost respect for all who are fighting a battle that most people will not understand. Discouragement is common to all mankind. It saps our energy and consumes a lot of our time overthinking all the turmoil that got us into this very unhealthy feeling.

When we become discouraged, our thoughts become distorted and our visions become blurred we see cows jumping over the moon, little dogs laughing, and the dish running away with the spoon.

Discouragement eats at our hearts and our minds making us feel guilty for poor decisions bought on by a flash moment of anger or past mistakes. Can being burnout be a clue why someone is discouraged? Exhaustion coupled with a lack of sleep can act as triggers to discouragement.

If we are discouraged it’s less likely that we would have the strength to complete whatever we are currently working on. Life is full of peaks of happiness and valleys of discouragement – both play significant roles in our lives. So, can we pause now for a brief reflection – We have survived them all!

When we look back over our lives and we think things over – we can honestly say, “What was meant to destroy us only made us stronger.” Wouldn’t God do it AGAIN?

It’s not unusual for even the most spiritual person to have their days of doubt. When Jeremiah got discouraged, he said, “Forget it! No more God-Messages from me!” Jeremiah 20:7-9 MSG Jeremiah still had work to do for God but he was burnout and got discouraged. So, yes, my friends, even those who God uses get burnout and become discouraged.

Many of our discouragement comes from listening to people who we should NOT be listening to. We hear a word that hurts us, and we know it’s hard to LET THINGS GO that hurt us. We know we should let it go but for some crazy unforeseen reason we hang on to them like an insecure blanket. In the moment of discouragement, it feels right.

But when we spend time with God, He shows us the bigger picture of who we are in His eyes. He then gives us a clearer picture of how He’s going to use our disappointment/discouragement to make it His appointed time. God uses our cave experience to pave the way for our destiny.

God’s plans are always bigger than the things we worry and lose sleep over. God’s promises are bigger than our problems. We never see it because our views are limited when we look at the chaos – we see the cow, the dog, and the dish running away with the spoon.

God looks beyond our discouragement and remembers the promises He made to us. God’s promises are bigger than our problems. Let’s not lose heart when things go bad because God is still at work even when things just don’t add up.

We say, “I’m too tired.” God says, “I will give you rest.” We say, “I can’t go on.” God says, “My grace is sufficient.” We say, “I am an overthinker.” God says, “I will KEEP you in perfect peace if you keep your mind on me.”

I’m sticking with God. Every little thing will be just fine.

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