Time is Unforgiving

Once 60 seconds in a minute passes, it’s gone forever into His or Her Story. The amount of time we are allotted on earth is a mystery known only to God. Therefore, we must live each day like if it’s the last day yet planning to live like if we have 100 more years.

When we were young, we couldn’t wait to do the things grownups do. Now we are grownup we wish we had the time to do the things we enjoyed in our younger years. Regardless of how we feel about our youthful years or how we feel about our grownup years nothing could be done to stop the clock.

Every time you spend time comparing yourselves to others; gossiping about others; envying others; or hating others – you lose time being happy because of the quality of your thoughts. The best time to form new habits is now. Time is Unforgiving.

Take time to call your parents they wouldn’t be around all the time. Someone said, “A mother can take care of ten children, but sometimes ten children can’t take care of one mother.” One of the highest honors is to take care of your parents. Time is Unforgiving.

Send notes, make the call and show affection to your siblings for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about. When you have each other, you have everything. Time is Unforgiving.

Hold hands with those you love for tomorrow may be too late. Let your friends know that you care. Time is Unforgiving.

Time is Unforgiving. Anne Frank said, “Dead people receive more flowers than the living ones because regret is stronger than gratitude.” Time is Unforgiving.

The unforgettable memories publicly and proudly shared at funerals would have been more meaningful if you had carved out time for a home visit with those who matter most. Time is Unforgiving.

Time is unforgiving. If you wait for the right time to call a friend, to visit a loved one, to say, ‘I love you’ – it will never be the right time. Do not wait for time is unforgiving.

Don’t waste your time getting even or praying for someone’s downfall. Use that time to reach back and lend a helping hand to someone who’s undeserving there’s a great chance that they were hiding their pain. Time is unforgiving.

Learn to appreciate who and what you have because time is unforgiving.

You only have one life so live it with limited regrets. If you don’t believe in yourself , no one else will – time is unforgiving.

Go home and love your family. Time is unforgiving .

Take time to nap but don’t quit. Time is unforgiving.




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