February Chapter 2 of 12

Anyone who has experienced any measure of success knows there were many days they wished they could have been on some sort of vacation instead of working long intensive days unending.

We were created to work. God put the first human to earn his livelihood by engaging him in regular activity in the garden of Eden. Some people make things happen, some people watch things happen, and some people wonder what happened.

Anyone can come up with any excuse why they have not had any wins in their lifetime. We have heard excuses like – “I have no one to help me get there”; “Every time I step out, others come in front of me”; “No one called me back”; “My head/toe/heart/eyes hurts and I can’t work.” Having an excuse takes away the guilt for the moment and defends the ‘whys’ of a sluggish person.

Maybe we weren’t all created with equal abilities, but laziness plus fear plus tardiness make a sluggish person’s top speed 0.00483 km per hour. It’s just pathetic and grossly inexcusable to take up space and air on planet earth while others try to perform well to earn a descent salary.

There must be a reason why some people live well and enjoy a good life while others are not bothered by their sluggish ways. Some people are not only missing a screw but the whole toolbox my friend.

I sometimes wonder how some folks can wake up every single day with no plan or goal in mind. I think they are the ones who looks like a house with all the lights on but no one is home. A total waste of energy.

Laziness is a habit and the good news is, it can be broken. No one was born lazy, it’s a behaviothat is formed by the bad habits of a sluggish person. Bad habits keep us back from achieving goals and having a winning mindset.

When a day gets started late sluggishness becomes difficult to shake off and hugging your bed becomes a comfort zone. Then there’s a good chance the next day the cycle starts all over again.

Everyone has the same 24 hours a day. The secret is those who made it out of their bed  before dawn breaks catches the Express train before it leaves the station. When a successful person gets it right, they stand in the presence of kings and never a mean master.

While some spend high amounts of screen time idly sitting with a device in front of them until the wee hours of the morning others toil and labor from daylight to sundown whatever that may look like.

God promises to favor us but we MUST GIVE GOD SOMETHING TO WORK WITH. Learn how to clap for yourself and be proud of your DISCIPLINE to wake up with a plan and a goal for each day. There’s a seed of greatness inside each one of us patiently waiting to be watered. Don’t allow the seed to die.

Choose to challenge yourself with small steps improving your game pushing pass the excuses and bad habits. There’s a place at the table for you. God will match your effort IF you give Him something to work with. 

To move from being unmotivated and making poor lifestyle choices you must find your niche. Be stronger than your strongest excuse. Just how you learn to be sluggish, you can learn to rise up early and catch the Express train.

Forgive yourself for the missed opportunities and watch God increase your capacity. Start small, aim big! 2020 is a leap year, there are 366 days in this year. God gave you an extra day to get it right this year. But time waits on no one!

Impossible is only a word for the sluggish and unwilling person. We were created to work our garden.




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