Relationship Goals

Relationship goals is a phrase that is casually throw around on social media when an admired couple’s pictures are posted online. The much admired couple is referred to as ‘power couple’ and Generation Y hashtags #relationshipgoals.

Our society today reminds me of the prepackaged meals sold at supermarkets. You can pick up a complete prepackaged meal and in a matter of minutes your family is sitting at the table with all the trimmings and no one has a clue that it was not home cooked.

Life has given our society many false shortcuts to living life on the perfection lane. Generation Y has limited knowledge or understanding of the monotonous task of preparing home cooked meals for a family with four highly demanding, energetic  young kids in tow, balancing hours of laundry unending while doing homework, all being done while trying to save your marriage.

Everyone dreams of a picture-perfect life with the white picket fence and well manured lawn, well behaved cute kids with live-in professional nannies services pushing strollers in the park, dogs with full time trainers, and to complete this perfect life hire the services of loving and doting spouses.

Let’s snap out of this very unrealistic dream world and bring order in the court – the truth is, there’s no perfect family, home or relationship. The verdict is in – every couple has their struggles and mess to clean up before they appear on the front cover of Vogue magazine lovingly staring in each other’s eyes.

The next time you admire a romantic couple on a yacht out in the deep blue sea be forewarned that their love required having faith in each other, loyalty and commitment while trying to save their marriage. I don’t know of any woman who only want a marriage made for the lens of the paparazzi and the front cover of Vogue magazine. 

A good marriage/relationship/friendship isn’t something you buy or spin your magic wand or order on or rub a genie in a bottle. It’s something you work at, and you must keep on working at it.

Relationship goal is like writing your mid term exams sometimes you pass with great marks, other times you miss the day of the exam because life threw you a curve ball that left you devastated but as in all exams you cannot afford to fail as it adds stability to your life.

Relationship goals require – love, loyalty, forgiveness, laughter, faith, friendship, and God at the center of it all.

From the very little I know after forty-six plus years of marriage I’m tempted to believe that your relationship if you are in it for the win is 1000 times better than those you admire on the magazines and TV screens.

Don’t break up. Fix the problem. You don’t sell your expensive car because one of the tires went flat or the oil needed changing.

Work more on winning and not whining. Your neighbor’s garden looks green because they have been watering it while you were out partying. Breaking up is not the answer because vacations looks a lot different than real life. You are going to have to work at it everyday because you made a vow and a vow is a solemn promise.

Happiness is not a goal, it’s a benefit you get when you fix something that was broken. See the worse in each other and stay because no one is flawless including those you tag as relationship goals.

FIX IT, if it isn’t dead!  


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