Stop! Look! Listen!

When my girls were young, we would sing the words how to safely cross the street to instill in them the importance of road safety. The words were – ‘Stop. Look. Listen. Use your eyes then your ears then cross the street.’ Crossing the street presents many dangers and their safety was our primary concern.

We told them to first stop way back from the edge of the pavement. Then look for traffic coming in all directions. Listen for sounds and wait until it’s safe to cross and when it’s safe, walk briskly across the street.

How critical these rules are to real life as we head out into finding true love as adults. We are no longer children crossing a busy street. We are adults making important life decisions that can have lasting effect on us and our generations to follow. Stop, listen to your heart, hear what it’s saying, use your brain … then when it’s safe walk do not run into making a lifetime commitment with anyone before considering all the facts. 

Have you ever heard – ‘Don’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry?’ No truer statement has ever been said. If you go shopping around for love on an underfed love tank it’s likely you will suffer with emotional eating which makes you increase your baggage weight. It’s no fun getting into any relationship that produces mental, physical and/or emotional abuse and living with tons of regret for the rest of your life.

Don’t go shopping for love when you are either hungry or lonely.

Teenagers, young adults, middle age and seniors jump into the first relationship they find as soon as they feel lonely, sad, anxious, or on a rebound and many times it’s not the right relationship. Never a great idea my friends. It’s better to be alone by choice than to end up having to be painfully tied to a dysfunctional person without a choice.

If you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship just to say that you are in a relationship, it’s time to rethink your worth. You absolutely deserve more. Your worth is far above rubies according to God. So, discuss with God how He came up with your price. According to Google – ‘Rubies are so rare, no trade data is available, but in 2015 a Top-Color 25.59-carat Ruby sold for over 41,000,000 USD per carat.’ Think about that for a while – God at birth valued you far above rubies.

If you rush into a relationship because of loneliness, rebound or unfed emotions – you will find yourself sitting on a shelf in the basement of a discount store waiting for a buyer. Your worth is far above rubies so stop settling for less. Refuse to allow lust (a strong desire for sex), fear of loneliness (panic because you are not in a relationship), anxiety (worry about your tomorrows), or whatever drive you into running into the arms of the wrong person. That’s a lack of good sense and bad judgement call.

It’s far better to stay single than to mingle and get damaged. A ruby is rarer and more expensive than a diamond so say those who work with precious stones . A diamond maybe a girl’s best friend, BUT rubies are a woman’s best friend. Raise your price where those who want to a part of your life will have to pay the full price. 

Stop! Look! Listen! Use your eyes, then use your feet. 

Happy L♥️VE Month! It’s FEBRUARY ♥️


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