The Train Wreck

My love for writing is very therapeutic for me. I often feel like I’m having a once in a lifetime talk with my younger self about adulthood, facts of life, relationships and love that doesn’t always last forever. The thoughts that overpower me while writing and the topics that come to me sends chill down my spine as I wished that these were topics that would have been discussed with me while growing up in the 50’s.

In the 50’s everything was taboo to talk about. I appreciate having the opportunity to share my personal views and beliefs on things that were forbidden to talk about in my times. If I can help one person then my writings will be worth the time and effort that I put into them. The truth is, it takes me approximately a little more than three hours non-stop to write one post while it takes my reader a few minutes to read. But I enjoy reading, learning and writing on topics that were taboo in my generation.

 My topic today is the unofficial meaning of train wreck. It’s a messy or destructive situation that totally ruin someone’s life leaving a trail of embarrassing behaviors that could last a lifetime. If you tell someone that there are plenty more fish in the sea, you are saying to them that although their relationship with someone has failed, there are more people they can meet in life.

 My view on this is, yes, there are more fish in the sea but are you entitle to catching all the fish, cook them and then dump them back into the sea if you are not happy with them? Well, dating and sleeping around with multiple partners is like catching all the fish in the sea and you dumping them or they dumping you after using each other.

 I once read a true story about a Japanese man who was found six months after his 13,000 lbs stash of porn magazines fell on him. Cleaners tidying up his neglected apartment found that the entire apartment was crammed with the explicit magazines. It was unknown whether the man, a former car manufacturer had died from a heart attack and fell into a stack of pornography magazines, or whether he was crushed to death by his X-rated collection. Thirst never tells you the end of your story.

Then we have others who engage in unsafe sex with multiple partners who rely on alcohol and substance abuse to keep this crazy lifestyle going. One risky behavior leads to another and so our fellow human beings have become addicted to harming themselves simply to satisfy their unquenchable hunger for more and more sex. It’s noted that the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 80’s was very closely linked to drugs and sexual behavior.

 The more sexual partners a person has is the greater the risk for Sexual Transmitted Disease (STD) and other life-threatening conditions. HOWEVER, the real threat/tragedy to having multiple sexual partners is another STD this time it’s called SEXUAL TRANSMITTED DEMONS (STD).

Sexual Transmitted Demons are harder to get rid of than diseases. Every person you have sex with they bring and leave their struggles, anger, evil activities, battles, grandpa’s promiscuity, mama’s instability all of which you have no control of what family curses and history they are bringing into your life. This is the saddest reality of crazy sexual behaviors. Sex, drugs, party and alcohol leaves a messy trail of real-life debris.

Here’s the good news: Look at it this way. If God had one hundred perfect people and one person made a really bad mistake and fell off a cliff plunging them head first over a precipice I guarantee you that God will unquestionably leave all the perfect people and miraculously rescue that the one person who fell over the precipice giving them a second chance to live.

If God did not forgive sinners, Heaven would be very empty. Keep your head up high all is not lost if God is fighting for you. And, He is fighting for you. No matter what anyone thinks of you or me, God has your back and that’s all that matters. Zero percent perfect. One hundred percent forgiven.

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