Leaving it Right There

People who don’t know God live in constant worry and fear of the future. Life sometimes feels like the stock market excited one minute and doom by the close of the day. When God doesn’t  answer within the time frame you anticipated God to answer we behave like an entitled child that feels he/she deserves what they want at all times . We grab our problems and we either run off to get help somewhere else or we become depressed and bent out of shape because God didn’t show up.

Children generally understands things in part as their naivety way of thinking limit them from seeing past the moment of ‘I want it now’ mindset. God is not impressed if he knows that we will have a meltdown when the answer is not in sight. There is so much we can learn about God when he doesn’t show up when we expected him to.

God is a jealous God meaning he is constantly pursuing us, but he also wants his love to be reciprocated by demonstrating our loyal commitment to engage and keep the communication going until the conversation becomes agreeable. I don’t think God expects us to always understand and agree with his timing, but I do know that he’s happy when we remain loyal to him despite what looks like a setback.

Relationship is like a two-way street. If you are the only person pursuing and putting in all the effort it feels incompatible. God is constantly pursuing us just like in any other kind of human friendship. God wants us to connect with him until we can without any reservation trust his decisions and timing. This is maturity/adulthood. No kicking and throwing a tantrum like a kid when God appears to be silent.

We will not become victims of a faithless generation who wanders off into darkness and turn our backs on God giving him the silent treatment. We can use the silence and delay to show God how much we want to remain in a healthy relationship with him. We try to catch up with God like if we were pursuing someone who went ahead of us.

People who know God and knows how He works never uses a stopwatch to time God. We simply pray expressing all our concerns to him and allow the conversations to take place between you and God. When you can’t see a friend for one reason or the other a text message reminds you that you are still their priority. When we can’t hear from God, he remains connected with us through his word.

Read a little bit a day because he always has something new to say. Quiet times are opportunities for growth and trust. When people we love are not with us, we love them more. When we love God and darkness seems to hide his face, we rest on his unchanging ways.

We are not grabbing our problems and running off and going somewhere else to get help. We are standing committed and loyal in our relationship with God. Our love for God makes the effort to remain in the waiting room even more worthwhile regardless if the feelings aren’t there.  












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