Overlooked to Overbooked

Everyone in the world is like one gigantic puzzle with trillions of pieces creating the human race. I hear it all the time people walking up to me and saying to me, ‘You look like someone I know but I can’t remember where I’ve met you.’ I’m sure I have a  few look-alike apart from my siblings somewhere in the world, but I know for a fact they can’t be me and I can’t be them.

We are like many pieces of a puzzle with one gigantic picture which sometimes get tricky to put together. Trying to force wrong pieces into spaces where you prefer to be can create frustration and increase your stress levels. Missing pieces cannot be replaced as we only get one chance at fitting into the frame of humanity. So, the worst thing you can do is to go missing. You are an important piece in the framework of humanity.

To fit we must get rid of the box in our mind keeping only the picture of the puzzle. Knowing who you are whether you are the square piece, round piece, rectangular piece, the edge piece that has one side that is either curved or straight, or the corner piece is crucial to finding your fit.

No one person can be the whole picture so stop glancing at the people around you because their piece may not fit together with yours. We are one gigantic puzzle with trillions of pieces creating a unique picture of humanity.

How many times have we all tried to fit into other people’s spaces without realizing that forcing round pieces into square spaces lead to frustration and stressful situations? If you are not finding a comfortable fit, you must think of better problem-solving techniques as you are definitely not a mistake.

There’s simply no room for ill-fitting pieces so work it until you solve it. You were created to fit into the puzzle. There’s a space for you without forcing yourself into someone else’s space. You will never be happy if you are a corner piece trying to fit into the center of the picture.

Relationships get complicated because a corner piece is trying to fit into the center without realizing that we are all different pieces. We are all unique and overcoming the challenges of trying to fit into someone else’s space will position you to be the cutting edge.

Since we all have a unique shape to fit into one gigantic puzzle, duplicating, imitating, envying, withholding information, reduction of size, or increasing size will make you a misfit and useless. It will take another imaginary lifetime to find where you fit in. GOD was the mastermind behind this gigantic human puzzle with trillions of pieces all fitting together making a stunning showpiece.  

Our original piece was stamped by God, and I’m sure it said, ‘APPROVED’ on our birth documents. God is NOT into the cloning or duplication business. Your square, round, rectangular, edge, or center piece was approved long before you knew that you were part of a bigger picture.

It’s time to work your piece of the puzzle. Do it then thank yourself for not giving in or giving up. Your power comes from believing in yourself. There are no misfits or missing pieces. We are a work of art in the master’s hand. Going from overlooked to overbooked.





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