Three Powerful Words

How many times do you say or hear I love you in one day? Can the phrase I love you be an overused catch phrase? A couple nights ago while my husband and I were texting each other  back and forth as he boarded a plane, I was amused to read how many times we said I love you to each other. Each time he taught the doors were closing and takeoff was evident he wrote I love you and I responded I love you more like at least seven times until the messaging discontinued.

If anyone confesses to love you but doesn’t show it in obvious ways it just simple words. What if the entire world was blind and we couldn’t see each other eyes, names on the phone, colour of hair, or the smile on each other’s face – will love still be a strong feeling? What if one partner fell into a coma or lost a limb or got into a car accident disfiguring their face will those three powerful words ‘I love you’ be said forever?

I love you means that we don’t expect perfection from each other, but  because we love each other we will stay loyal even through the worst times. Loving each other when you are not in the greatest mood yet choosing to still hold hands walking side by side is maturity. I love you should never be said out of habit or to simply make a conversation.

Even if you own everything that life can afford, and you don’t love your spouse it profits you nothing. Love is patient and kind. Love is never jealous. Both are secured and confident in who they are as a person and more so when they are together. Saying I love you does not mean that we will always agree or see eye to eye but it means no one is going anywhere.

I love you means despite the bad times our love remains the same. There’s no perfect relationship but true love holds on to each other never letting go. I love you are three little powerful words that can survive the armed forces of the outside world. Love is teamwork and you work it to keep the team together.

Love is for adults who have put a deliberate stop to childish behavior. Saying I love you requires faith, hope and love. And the greatest is love. Never say I love you out of habit or to make a conversation it must be real and felt.

Finally, someone said, “A strong marriage requires two persons who choose to love each other even when they struggle to like each other.” A great marriage is choosing to fight for each other. There’s no fear in love.

Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a huge number of wrongs.




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